Michele Bachmann Won’t Run for Senate Because God Didn’t Give Her a Sign

Former Republican congresswoman Michele Bachmann said last month that she’d run for Al Franken‘s Senate seat in Minnesota as soon as God gave her the sign.

God has finally responded. With silence.

Over the weekend, [Bachmann] told End Times radio host Jan Markell that after much prayer, she has decided that God does not, in fact, want her to make a bid for this seat.

“I’m not going to run for that office,” she said. “I had a lot of people contacting me, wanting to give me money and be a part of my team to run for a campaign … But what I did is I did what I have done on every other time I thought about running: I took it to the Lord in a very quiet way, I took it before the Lord, I prayed, I tried to have my ears open and hear what God was saying to me.”

“I considered it for quite a long time,” Bachmann continued. “From the very first day when Al Franken had announced his resignation from the U.S. Senate, I went before the Lord and it became very clear to me that I wasn’t hearing any call from God to do this.

Maybe it was God’s silence. Maybe it was God’s billboard. Maybe it was the fact that she would’ve been another fringe Republican candidate who might have won the primary but would’ve been trounced in the 2018 midterms by [insert any Democrat here] and she didn’t want to become a national laughingstock for another election cycle.

Or, you know, maybe God doesn’t exist and she was never going to receive a sign.

You have to give credit to the voices in her head though. They finally gave her some good advice.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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