Christian Activist: Non-“Effeminate” Men Would’ve Tackled the FL School Shooter

Dave Daubenmire, last seen condemning black Americans who voted for President Obama because they weren’t real Christians, had even more wisdom in the wake of the mass shooting at a Florida high school.

During an episode of his Pass the Salt Live show yesterday, Daubenmire asked a simple and completely ignorant question: Why didn’t some of the boys in that school just tackle the shooter?

… Can somebody tell me why… this guy’s in there… let’s get a picture here… this guy walks down the hallway and he starts shooting people… can somebody tell me why some boy didn’t go tackle him? When his back was turned… why didn’t some wrestler, or some football player, couple football players run and tackle him?… Do we teach the individual kid in school to hate evil or embrace it?!… Somebody lay down their life and go tackle him!

Maybe — and hear me out here — we shouldn’t expect someone to sacrifice his own life to protect others from a danger that legislators could minimize if they had the courage to do it.

Maybe the wrestlers and football prayers knew that a man with a semi-automatic weapon could kill all of them even if a few rushed him at the same time.

Maybe they weren’t rushing the killer because they were busy protecting other students.

None of that crossed Daubenmire’s mind. He was too busy calling them “effeminate.”

Maybe instead of blaming the victims (or potential victims), we should blame the system that allows someone to purchase a AR-15 despite the multitude of warning signs.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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