Christian “Prophetess”: God Told Me Who Wins the Next 5 Presidential Elections

Kat Kerr, the self-proclaimed Christian “Prophetess” who attempted to beat back Hurricane Irma with a scepter, then, after seeing all the damage caused by Irma, blamed everyone else for not following her lead, is back with a brand new prediction.

She claims in a new interview that God told her Donald Trump would be president before the election. But that’s not all! God also told her who would be in the White House for the next five terms.

“He caught me up to heaven, literally, months and months and months before,” Kerr continued, “and He said, ‘I’ve chosen Trump and people won’t like it and they won’t understand it but that doesn’t matter right now because I’m going to change America and I need him. He’s an all-American boy that is all for America, and he is smart, he can’t be bought, he can’t be moved, and he cannot be controlled.’ And He said, ‘He will know me and he will hear my voice.’”

“You better step back, because this is God’s time,” Kerr warned those who oppose Trump, adding that God told her that not only will Trump win reelection in 2020, but that Vice President Mike Pence will then be elected to two terms as president, as will whomever Pence chooses as his vice president.

“The Father is saying this,” she said. “For 24 years, we will have God in that White House.”

Rational people would’ve dismissed that prophecy the moment “God” told her Trump was smart.

Don’t ignore the bigotry in Kerr’s comments, either. If God’s in the White House for 24 years (Trump, Pence, Pence’s VP), she’s suggesting Barack Obama wasn’t really Christian. That’s hardly surprising but it shouldn’t be ignored.

Someone remind me of this clip after Trump’s no longer in office.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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