Ex-GOP Rep: Students Returning After School Shooting Need “God and Jesus Christ”

Former U.S. Representative Jason Chaffetz, a Republican, thinks the survivors of the mass shooting at a public school in Florida need a “belief in God and Jesus Christ.” That may come as an unwelcome surprise to the Jewish, Muslim, and atheist students returning to school this week.

Of course, he made the ridiculous statement on Fox News.

During an interview on Fox News, Chaffetz was asked about what it meant for lawmakers to take a pause from their day to reflect and honor the life of the late evangelist Billy Graham.

Chaffetz said he was “proud” to see people honoring Graham, adding that Graham impacted millions of lives.

“We need more good news, more good message, more of the good word reaching out to America,” Chaffetz said on Fox News.

I think of those kids who went back to school today after that horrific shooting, and they need something more. They need a belief in God and Jesus Christ. I think that would help. And this is a historic moment.”

Chaffetz may have meant well, but his ignorance is obvious. If you ask the Parkland students what they want right now, the list would include gun safety legislation, politicians having the courage to buck the NRA, and a few more opportunities to dunk on Sen. Marco Rubio. More religion would likely be near the bottom of list, which wouldn’t be surprising considering the growing number of young people who choose not to identify with any organized religion.

But this sort of reaction has become par for the course for Republicans. Chaffetz is just the latest in a long list of GOP leaders, past and present, who have pushed aside the issues of gun reform and mental illness in order to recommend God and Jesus.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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