Matt Barber: The Oscars Didn’t Honor Rev. Billy Graham Because “They Hate Him”

Anyone who watches the Academy Awards is aware that there’s always an “In Memoriam” segment honoring the Hollywood legends — in front of the screen and behind the scenes — who passed away over the past year.

It’s not always guaranteed that a particular person will be included. There are hundreds of people who could be in that segment and only a handful who actually are. The producers want a mix of cast and crew and people are always left out.

This year, the segment omitted Batman Adam West and actress Della Reese among others. There’s a rhyme and reason to it, even if it’s not obvious to viewers (or people complaining on Twitter).

But if you’re former Colorado State Rep. and current Christian talk show host Gordon Klingenschmitt, and you’re talking to right-wing activist Matt Barber, you know there’s some anti-Christian persecution at work here.

Just listen to this incredible conversation that took place on Klingenschmitt’s “Pray In Jesus Name” show recently:

KLINGENSCHMITT: When they run the annual Hollywood tribute at the Oscars to all of those people who died in the past year, you know, it’s often very touching, people who have been beloved actors and actresses who have been part of the American culture for many years, when they die, it’s appropriate to memorialize them. And yet Hollywood seems to have forgotten people who really did make a positive difference in the culture. I’m gonna start with Billy Graham, was not honored by the Oscars, although his very first big crusade was right there in Los Angeles, right there in Hollywood, and he led thousands of souls to Christ. Why wasn’t he remembered?

BARBER: Because they hate him. Because they hate him because they first hated Christ. Because he stood for truth. He stood for the good news of the Gospel. These are people who are in the cesspool that is Hollywood, soaking and basking in their sin, that have been given over to their reprobate mind…

What the hell…?

Billy Graham wasn’t omitted from the “In Memoriam” segment because Hollywood hates him. It’s because he didn’t work in Hollywood. (You could argue he spread a fictional story to millions of people, but he didn’t do it through a movie theater.)

This is how the Religious Right Outrage Machine works. They’ll find “evidence” of persecution in everything, even when a perfectly acceptable explanation is obvious to everyone else.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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