Watch John Oliver Reveal the Depths of Deception for Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Anyone who’s followed the religion/politics world over the past few years is familiar with the rise of “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” — the often Christian-run clinics that don’t actually help women in any meaningful way. More than anything else, they just want to confuse women who are seeking abortions in order to talk them out of it.

On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver described some of those tactics used by the anti-abortion side. Not only are the centers designed to look like abortion clinics, the staffers mislead women who ask about the procedure, and some don’t even know basic facts about birth control (a proven way to prevent abortions).

As always, stay tuned for the big reveal at the end.

I love how they branched off of Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption in an effort to spread even more misinformation. Because in a story like this, you can’t avoid including religious people who deceive in the name of Jesus.

And condolences to the local news reporter who was shown in that segment celebrating the opening of two local CPCs as if they were acceptable substitutes for Planned Parenthood. Hours after it aired, she still hadn’t seen the segment.

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