Enjoy This Video of Morehead State Students Playing “Street Preacher Bingo”

If you walked through Morehead State University in Kentucky yesterday afternoon, you would’ve seen one very loud preacher urging everyone to accept Jesus (or else)… and a whole bunch of students listening very, very carefully.

It’s not because they heard anything convincing. It’s because the school’s Secular Student Alliance handed out Bingo cards to passers-by. Anyone who wanted to play could mark off their own boxes if the preacher said things like “Evolution is a lie,” “Adam & Steve,” or accused someone of sinning.

The Free Space in the middle? “Yelling.” (Obviously.)

My favorite part of the video is when the camera pans left to reveal the students.

Here’s a sample of one of the Bingo cards:

There were 10 cards in all, edited by the group’s president Kayla Bowen using a template from the Campus Freethinkers at Georgia Tech.

Nice cooperation, a great way to poke fun at a ridiculous preacher without interfering with his free speech, and an entertaining way to advertise the atheist group’s regular meetings.

You can see other Street Preacher Bingo templates here and here.

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