Tracie Harris, Co-Host of The Atheist Experience, Discusses How She Left Faith

Seth Andrews recently spoke with The Atheist Experience co-host Tracie Harris, and she tells a story that may be familiar to many former Christians.

She wanted to grow in her faith. She wanted to study the Bible in more depth. But when she studied it with a critical eye, she learned that the other side had better points than the apologists who were defending the stories. That, mixed with a dose of misogyny within the church, led her away from religion.

One other thing she mentions is how people sometimes question why she continues doing the call-in show when no one changes their minds. People call with questions, they debate, they argue, they hang up. Why bother when the conversation goes nowhere?

Her answer is similar to the one I’d give for why I blog. Even if one post doesn’t change someone’s mind, I’ve heard from so many people who’ve gotten a spark from a post (or a series of them) and it led them to investigate religion on their own. In some cases, just seeing the atheist perspective on these stories gave them better insight into how to think about various issues and it made more sense over time.

The point is: These things never happen instantaneously. But as Tracie says, the feedback we get over time definitely keeps us going because we know it’s helping someone, even if we don’t know who that someone is.

(via TheThinkingAtheist)

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