Christian Preacher Literally Blows Away the Demons Surrounding Donald Trump

In case you haven’t heard, demonic forces are out to get Donald Trump. That comes as a surprise to those of us who thought they had already merged into one.

Right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau, however, has taken it upon himself to solve this problem by blowing off these demons. Literally. (Uh… the other way.)

“We thank you that the cloud that is over the president, this demonic collective composition of global witchcraft and curses, we command to be blown back,” he said, before proceeding to physically blow away the demonic cloud. “By the power of your holy spirit. Angels are being dispatched to Donald Trump right now.”

Well, if that didn’t scare away the demons, I guess Siri got a wake-up call…?

And if it’s that easy to get rid of demons, why aren’t Christians just blowing into the air everywhere they walk?

(via Right Wing Watch)

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