She Survived a 2015 Attack by Islamic Terrorists; Her Atheist Husband Did Not

In the years since Dr. Avijit Roy was slaughtered by Islamic terrorists at a Bangladesh book fair because he was an online activist who refuted religion, his wife Bonya Ahmed has become an outspoken critic of extremism in her own right. (She was also attacked by the radicals, but survived.)

In a recent TEDx talk, Ahmed described the worst day of her life and discussed what everyone can do to prevent such attacks in the future.

Like much of the audience, you’ll want to get up for a standing ovation by the time she’s done. Even though the talk was given well before this week’s murder of Shahzahan Bachchu, it takes on even more significance in the wake of that attack.

You can read another account of the terrorist attack that took Roy’s life here.

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