Baptist Pastor: Female Preachers Are “Daughters of the Devil”

It’s not weird to hear a pastor say women can’t lead a church. A lot of Christians believe in complementarianism, the idea that men and women are “equal” but have different roles, and a woman’s role always happens to be subservient to a man.

But when Brother Adam Fannin (yes, him again) talks about it, he can’t help but trash women known as Christian leaders. The leader of Stedfast Jacksonville Church in Florida, an Independent Fundamental Baptist church, even posted the clip online, suggesting he’s proud of his own sexism.

Here are just a few of the lowlights:


… [The Bible] says, “The husband of one wife…”

Sorry, Joyce Meyer. I know you look like a dyke. You look like a dude. But it doesn’t count. You have to be a man, according to the Bible.


Joyce Meyer. What an ugly dude, right?

2:08 (describing how other denominations have gone astray):

they’re literally letting homos come in and pastor, or take the position of a bishop or elder, and they’re letting them teach and lead a flock. And it’s really strange what’s happening.

Right? So then what happens? You let some dyke come behind the pulpit. Well, guess what? The dykes flock to it. Well then what do you do with the children when you have a bunch of child molesters invading these churches?

These women are daughters of the devil.


Listen, a lot of these women preachers are actually reprobates.


What happens when you let a woman call herself a prophetess or a preacher and put herself up on stage? The result in the church is fornication.


Women are not allowed to preach to everybody in the church. If we let a woman get behind this pulpit, God would not bless it!

Again, none of this is surprising. What’s jarring is just how much joy he derives from putting down women with their own ministries. It’s not enough to say they’re wrong; he mocks them with homophobia and assumes they’re not truly devout or else they’d know better.

And the people in the congregation just eat it up.

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