Liberty University Professor Arrested for Online Sexual Exploitation of a Minor

Stephen Kilpatrick, a 63-year-old math professor, was arrested this week after traveling to meet up with someone he believed to be an underage girl for sexual reasons.

That’s bad enough. But the media is especially interested in this story because Kilpatrick worked at Liberty University, the second largest Christian school in the nation.

The school said in an email that Kilpatrick has been suspended from his position as an associate professor of mathematics “pending the outcome of this matter.”

Kilpatrick was booked into the Bedford Adult Detention Center. It’s unclear if he has a lawyer to comment on the charges.

As of this writing, Kilpatrick is still listed on the school’s website.

Liberty’s president Jerry Falwell, Jr. hasn’t said anything about the arrest on social media. I guess he’s too busy retweeting Donald Trump.

(Image via Facebook)

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