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Science Advocates Will Protest Outside Ark Encounter On Its First Anniversary

When Ark Encounter celebrates its first anniversary this July, atheists and other science advocates will be on hand to protest. And they’re bringing along the same sign that was rejected by billboard companies last year.


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Ark Encounter Has Been Bad News for the People of Williamstown, Kentucky

The Ark has been a bad deal for everyone in the community, and not just because of the fake “science” Ken Ham presents to children and gullible adults.


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Atheist Attorney Explains Ken Ham’s Weak Spots: Ark Encounter’s Attendance and Taxpayer Funding

Good luck rebutting this video, Ken Ham.

Unlike you, Andrew Seidel actually cares about objective reality.


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Creationist Ken Ham Spent 20 Minutes Whining About An Atheist Attorney’s Trip to Ark Encounter

After an attorney from the Freedom From Religion Foundation took video of his trip to Ark Encounter, Ken Ham told the Answers in Genesis staff about “how misinformation and outright lies are being spread by this atheist group, one that aggressively opposes Christianity.”


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Despite Being Eligible for a Huge Tax Rebate, Ark Encounter Has Earned Next to Nothing (So Far)

Is Kentucky’s Ark Encounter floundering? We may have some evidence that it’s not doing nearly as well as Creationists expected.


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