UK Government Lawyers Defend Law Forbidding Workplace Religious Expression

British government lawyers are arguing in favor of enforcing a ban to prevent religious symbols in the workplace, defending the law in a human rights case brought by four British Christians against it.  All four are claiming discrimination and the limitation of their freedom of speech, but not every claim is equivalent. Two of the [Read More…]

What Do the Moonies Tell You About Other Religions?

By now, most of you are undoubtedly aware of the death of Sun Myung Moon, founder and namesake of the “Moonies” religion, more properly named the Unification Church. I, like possibly many of you, had remained largely ignorant of the actual  beliefs and practices of the Moonies. I mostly knew of them thanks to their [Read More…]

Dutch Millionaire Builds a Replica of Noah’s Ark

One day, the Dutch construction millionaire Johan Huibers had a dream. In his dream his beloved Holland was flooded again. Again? Yes, again. Because Huibers is a Creationist, and thus his dream flood would be the second time the Netherlands was entirely underwater, the first being the Biblical flood. A normal person would wake up [Read More…]

UK Taxpayers May Be Funding Creationist Schools

Being a newly minted resident of the United Kingdom, I’ve learned that much can surprise you in this gloriously beautiful country with utterly filthy weather. One thing that might catch an American atheist off-guard is how the UK, a country far more secular than the US, maintains official ties with religion that are unthinkable in [Read More…]

The Universe Is Weird

We interrupt our regularly scheduled ranting about religion to bring you this awesome (and, according to physicists in the comments thread, accurate) song: The lyrics are below, in case you’d like to sing along: A quark can never exist by itself in isolation Something very odd happens when you try to sepparate them The energy [Read More…]