If Atheists Really Cared About Social Justice…

Despite all the drama surrounding “Atheism Plus,” and regardless of whether or not you personally want to use that label, many of us care a great deal about social justice and helping those in need. We see what religious groups do in response to these matters and we feel that we are just as capable [Read More…]

Getting Engaged for Marriage Equality

Right now, in this crucial moment in time, we have the opportunity to make history happen. In every state that marriage equality has gone to the voters, the opposition has used dishonest, misleading tactics to persuade voters to vote against allowing same-sex marriage. Groups like the National Organization for Marriage have build a very successful political machine that [Read More…]

Embarrassing Confessions of My Christian Past

Wow, this is embarrassing. JT Eberhard brought back some very cringe worthy memories from my Christian childhood.  Does anyone remember this song? Because I do. In fact, I was a big fan of it and played it over and over for a long time. I even had ideas for creating my own video to go [Read More…]

Pat Robertson Wouldn’t Adopt Foreign Children Because They Might Turn Out ‘Weird’

This man makes my head explode. Why does anyone still listen to Pat Robertson? He pretends to be a moral leader and a good Christian. But doesn’t that mean taking care of those in need, especially when they’re children?! When asked by a viewer why she was having trouble finding a man willing to date [Read More…]

Mitt Romney Might Not Be On the Washington State Ballot In November

Due to technicalities in Washington State law, American’s most famous Mormon, Mitt Romney, may not be on the ballot in the state come November because the Republican Party doesn’t currently qualify as a “major party” any more. The Stranger laid out the details earlier this month: RCW 29A.04.086 tells us that “”Major political party” means [Read More…]