The Wall Street Journal Covers Religious Bias at West Point

A few days ago, Jason Torpy wrote about a “strength of character” survey for the incoming class at the United States Military Academy. In attempting to determine the “personal strengths” of the cadets, West Point asked them to respond to statements as being on a scale from “like them” to “unlike them.” Most of the [Read More...]

Happy Anti-Trolling Day!

If you’ve been anywhere on blogs today, you may have noticed an increase in nice comments. That’s because today is Anti-Trolling Day, the creation of Mike Mei. According to him, anti-trolling¬†is counter-acting the effects of trolling (or similar behaviors)¬†by commenting or tweeting positive things in response to good work, or to bloggers or activists you [Read More...]

An Interview with Mary Johnson, a Nun Who Worked Under Mother Teresa and Later Became an Atheist

Twenty years ago, Mary Johnson was a nun. In fact, until 1997, Johnson was serving as a nun under Mother Teresa in the Missionaries of Charity. In her time with the woman excoriated by Christopher Hitchens in The Missionary Position, she travelled Europe, trained other sisters, and studied theology. Since leaving the order, Johnson has [Read More...]

Another Burnt Out Atheist

A few weeks ago, I talked about burnout over at Teen Skepchick, where I also contribute. It got reposted a few times, I saw some discussion on Facebook and Twitter about the toll activism can take on people. But, you know? I don’t think I’ve been having it so hard. Natalie Reed, a contributor to [Read More...]