The Scary Atheist Aerial Banners

We’re getting the first images of the American Atheists aerial banners that have gotten so much negative publicity this past week… Wow… Can you believe the way some atheists shove their message down everybody’s throats…? [Read more…]

That Banana Freaks Me Out…

Note to self: Don’t step inside an elevator. Nothing good will ever come of it. (via Atheist Cartoons) [Read more…]

Group of Catholics: Galileo Was Wrong!

We mock Creationists because, despite overwhelming evidence in favor of evolution, they cling to their Biblically-supported view that God created the world in six days and the Earth is only a few thousand years old. Now, a group of Catholics is trying to give Creationists a run for their money in the game of Who [Read More…]

Let’s Not Forget Our Secular Founding Fathers

Jeffrey Weston reminds us that our country’s founders had very secular views about the world, regardless of the bile David Barton likes to spew (click image to enlarge): (Clemens is a character in the strip.) On a similar note, Rob Boston of Americans United also offers a few quick reasons we’re not a Christian nation. [Read More…]

Exposing an Anti-Gay Pastor’s Ministry

A couple weeks ago, a 21-year-old student named Ashton Pittman posted an incredible story on his blog about the first time he went to hear anti-gay Christian pastor Damon Thompson. It’s not simply that he was the first preacher I ever heard use anti-gay slurs in a sermon or make the suggestion that it was [Read More…]