Pledge Your Allegiances

Does anyone know what we’re still arguing about…? Who cares! Now, we can all choose sides, anyway! Who’s your horse in this battle? … *Sigh* In case it’s not clear, I’m kidding. Stop taking sides. Please stop taking sides. Everyone is overreacting. All of you. (Yes, you too.) There are lessons we can learn from [Read More…]

This Should Clear Everything Up…

Ladies, does the guy talking to you at 4:00a at the Skeptics conference not get the hint? Guys, do you not know if your advances are welcome? Well, ladies, when the sun sets each night at The Amazing Meeting 9, just change into one of these shirts and you’ll stop any potential controversies before they [Read More…]

Frank Turner Sings ‘Glory Hallelujah’

Here’s a catchy little song about atheism. Lyrics are below! Brothers and sisters, have you heard the news? The storm has lifted and there’s nothing to lose, So swap your confirmation for your dancing shoes, Because there never was no God. Step out of the darkness and onto the streets, Forget about the fast, let’s [Read More…]

Happy Blogiversary, Richard!

It’s been exactly two years since Richard Wade began offering advice to atheists on this site. He’s answered nearly 200 questions via his column and countless others via private emails. It seems like every time I give a talk anywhere in the country, readers come up to me to tell me how much they appreciate [Read More…]

Mitch Albom Doesn’t Get It

Following their attention-getting billboard campaign, American Atheists recently purchased overhead ribbons — meaning that planes would fly banners with their messages in 26 states this weekend. The ribbons would read “God-LESS America” or “Atheism is patriotic” followed by AA’s website URL. Mitch Albom, the columnist who wrote Tuesdays with Morrie, doesn’t get why the group [Read More…]