Responding to Christians’ Questions

A lot of Christians offered their questions for me on my friend Rachel Held Evans‘ site, and my answers are now posted there. If you think your responses would have been better than the ones I gave, feel free to leave them on her site. [Read more…]

Another Beauty Pageant Contestant Who Knows Little to Nothing About Evolution…

You all saw evidence of how uneducated most of the contestants for the Miss USA pageant were — most felt that Creationism and Intelligent Design were valid theories to discuss in a public school science classroom. It turns out the Miss America pageant has the same problem. The latest issue of New York magazine has [Read More…]

Podcast Interview Tonight

I’m appearing on the Haizy and Zawmby podcast tonight at 11:00p (ET). They take phone calls from listeners, so get your questions ready and we’ll do battle! [Read more…]

The Scary Atheist Aerial Banners

We’re getting the first images of the American Atheists aerial banners that have gotten so much negative publicity this past week… Wow… Can you believe the way some atheists shove their message down everybody’s throats…? [Read more…]

That Banana Freaks Me Out…

Note to self: Don’t step inside an elevator. Nothing good will ever come of it. (via Atheist Cartoons) [Read more…]