An Oklahoma Lawmaker Makes News – In a Good Way

My home state, Oklahoma, has a reputation for producing inept legislators. Last month, Sen.┬áRalph Shortey tried to ban aborted fetuses from our food (you know, just in case). Rep. Sally Kern declared in 2008 that “no society that has totally embraced homosexuality has lasted for more than, you know, a few decades” — and that’s [Read More…]

The Inspiring Story of Oral Roberts’ Grandson

Randy R. Potts comes from a famous family. His grandfather was the pioneering televangelist Oral Roberts. His uncle, Richard Roberts, ran the conservative Christian university that bears Oral’s name until 2007, when a scandal forced him to resign. Richard continues to run the Oral Roberts Evangelical Association and appear at revivals and on evangelical TV [Read More…]

Shit Skeptics Say

You may think you’re sick and tired of the “Shit___ Say” meme, but John Rael’s “Shit Skeptics Say” is still worth two minutes of your time (NSFW language): There are many good lines, but a few stand out enough to be worth highlighting. Well it was just a theory… like GRAVITY. Aren’t you a little [Read More…]

For Rick Santorum, a Pregnancy That Is the Result of Rape Is a ‘Broken Gift’

Rick Santorum attempted to justify one of his most bizarre stances in an interview with Piers Morgan on Friday, and the results were predictably scary: Morgan: Do you really believe, in every case, [abortion] should be totally wrong, [including] cases of rape and incest? You’ve got two daughters… If you had a daughter that came [Read More…]

And God Said to Pat Robertson…

Pat Roberston has been talking to his sky-friend, and he learned something interesting. He thinks he knows who the next American president will be. But he’s “not supposed to talk about that,” so the rest of us are none the wiser. But the Lord did have some non-confidential information for Robertson: Your country will be [Read More…]