Conservatives Need to Stop Whining About Gender-Neutral Pronouns

In the last couple of weeks, officials at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville made two big decisions relating to gender-neutral pronouns. First, they recommended the campus community embrace gender-neutral language at their leisure. Second, they retracted that suggestion at the demand of high-profile state conservatives.

Gender-neutral pronouns — like “they,” “ze,” and “hir” — are being used increasingly by transgender people who don’t feel like the categories “men” or “women” suit them. 

Michael Brown of Charisma News is terrified of this.

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Transit Employee Would Rather Quit His Job Than Drive a Bus With a Rainbow On It

The city of Calgary has unveiled a rainbow-colored bus in honor of the annual Calgary Pride Festival, and one driver says he’d rather lose his job than drive it.

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This Church Responded to Anti-Gay Vandalism In a Beautiful Way

In parts of North Carolina, homophobia is alive and well — but so is resilience. And resilience, it turns out, is rainbow-colored.

Wedgewood Church in Charlotte is well-known as an LGBT-friendly church, and this month they placed a sign on the front lawn that read “LGBT Equality.” Shortly after, still-unidentified vandals spray-painted “Fags are Pedos” across the church’s front doors and crossed out the words on the sign with black paint.

Church leaders were devastated:

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Swiss Bishop Cites Leviticus During International Appearance, Leading to Rapper’s Response

Support for LGBT equality is imminent in many countries, and right-wing religious conservatives are not happy that their perspectives are dying out. For some, this means blaring their vitriol louder and louder to make sure they’re heard. Vitus Huonder (below), the Bishop of Chur in Switzerland, is one of them.

In a debate on marriage and family held by the German Catholic Forum last week, Huonder didn’t stop at the phrases “traditional marriage” or “family values,” the way some conservatives do. He went all the way and cited Leviticus 20:13, the infamous verse suggesting that men “engaging in homosexual acts” be put to death.

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Married Christian Soccer Player Shuts Down Homophobic Trolls on Instagram

More people than ever are paying attention to women’s soccer, and with that comes the realization that a solid numbers of players are openly gay. Surprise! — teammates are cool with it, it’s not a “distraction,” and it’s totally possible to be gay and be great at your sport! (Take note, NFL coaches!)

Anyway, Erin McLeod and Ella Masar, teammates on the Houston Dash, got married last week and shared photos of the ceremony online.

And hateful messages started rolling in, as they do.

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