Los Angeles Man Accused of Murdering His Son For Being Gay

A father in Los Angeles has been charged with a hate crime in the shooting death of his son, 29-year-old Amir Issa.


Shehada Issa, 69, had previously threatened to kill his son for being gay. The elder Issa told the police he had found his wife’s body in their home and shot his son in self-defense, but he’s been formally charged with a hate crime.

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The “Worst Religious Freedom Bill to Date” Heads to Mississippi Governor

Yet another state is using the excuse of “religious freedom” to try to justify heinous discrimination against LGBT people, and advocates say this one might be the worst of them all.

Mississippi’s House Bill 1523 would protect people and businesses who choose to discriminate against LGBT people on the basis of their own religious beliefs. But unlike bills that have come before, the extent to which it defends anti-LGBT bigotry makes it especially problematic.


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Right-Wingers in Illinois Flip Out Over Trans People Who Want Gender-Affirming Birth Certificates

Lawmakers in Illinois are advancing a bill that will make it easier for transgender people to live as their true selves. Naturally, conservatives are flipping out.

Reps. Greg Harris and Kelly Cassidy introduced HB 6073, a bill that will ease the process for trans people to change the gender marker on their birth certificate. Previously, changing a birth certificate required surgery, which is costly and not necessarily something every trans person wants; now, the change only requires confirmation from a medical professional that a trans person is undergoing appropriate treatment, which can differ from person to person. The bill also changes a reference from “sex change” to “change of sex designation.”


Laurie Higgins, an infamous anti-LGBT-rights conservative with the Illinois Family Institute, wrote a blog post in which she expresses outrage over the bill, primarily that last part about language:

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North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory Attempts (and Fails) to Clarify New Anti-LGBT Law

North Carolina’s General Assembly struck a huge blow to LGBT people on March 23, when they speedily passed House Bill 2, a law banning LGBT non-discrimination protections and barring transgender people from using affirming bathrooms.

Now, Gov. Pat McCrory has issued a laughable listicle titled “Myths vs. Facts: What New York Times, Huffington Post and other media outlets aren’t saying about common-sense privacy law.”

He tries to address the many criticisms of HB2 that have erupted since its passing but fails miserably.


There are 18 points on his list, but for the sake of time, let’s assume they’re all outrageous and hone in on the most egregious claims:

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British Prime Minister Promotes MP Stephen Crabb, Who Took Interns From Ex-Gay Therapy Organization

This week, British Prime Minister David Cameron appointed MP Stephen Crabb to the position of Work and Pensions Secretary in Wales. And in the midst of his already controversial appointment, another scandal has come to light: Crabb’s ties to an organization that promotes anti-LGBT “conversion therapy.”


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