What Would Happen If We Put Gay People And Straight People On Separate Islands?

Rep. Louie Gohmert, a hyper-conservative Republican Congress member from Texas, is obsessed with this question.

He asked it at a Phyllis Schlafly event back in July. He brought it up again during a lecture at Liberty University recently, and Right Wing Watch nabbed a recording.

Gohmert is obsessed with what would happen if gay and straight people were separated on two desert islands:

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Shaming Feminine Trans Women Is Not Feminism

Gender stereotyping is the oldest trick in the book. But according to Jennifer Fitz, it’s the “hot new thing.”

In a recent piece for her Patheos blog, Fitz denounces the existence of transgender identities, saying that trans people are merely playing into gender stereotypes when they transition.

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Want To Make Locker Rooms More Private? Banning Trans Students Is Not The Answer

Close your eyes and think back for a minute. When was the last time you used a public restroom? How many other people were in the restroom? What did their genitals look like?

I’m certain you can’t answer that last question and that you’re horrified by it. (As you should be!) But Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute seems to think of public restrooms and changing facilities as much more communal than they actually are. And she’s using this non-logic to defame transgender children.

In a school district in Chicago, a high school trans girl has sued her school for the right to use the women’s locker room. Superintendent Daniel Cates is refusing to abide by Title IX guidelines on this matter, instead offering the girl a separate private facility to use as an alternative. Put another way, Cates will go so far as to disqualify his district from getting federal funding in order to break the law and continue demeaning the trans girl:

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Mother of Trans Child Bullied By Catholic School Board Speaks Out: “I Will Fight To Move Mountains For That Kid”

Last week, we wrote about Larry Kowalczyk, a Catholic school board trustee in Edmonton who claimed transgender people are mentally disordered. The impetus for his demeaning comments: a seven-year-old transgender girl’s fight to be able to use the girls’ bathroom at her elementary school.

The girl’s mother reached out to Patheos to talk more about what her family has gone through: tumultuous closed-door school board meetings, biting criticism from clergy, segregation at school, a loss of faith in the Catholic church, and every other hurdle imaginable since they took on the school board in January.

The next episode of their fight will take place in October, when the school board will meet to discuss a trans-inclusive school policy that could finally allow her daughter to be treated just like any other girl at her school. Until then, the girl’s mother will stop at nothing to protect her child and urges other parents of trans kids to do the same.

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Evangelical Conference on Transgender “Confusion” Has Zero Transgender Speakers

In a few weeks, members of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors will gather in Louisville, Kentucky for their first-ever conference. While the overall focus is on homosexuality, a pre-conference will deal with transgender issues specifically. But no trans people will actually be present — and the speakers will be required to state from the beginning that trans identities aren’t real.

The pre-conference, co-sponsored with the Council on Biblical Manhood
and Womanhood, is called “Transgender Confusion and Transformational Christianity.” Confusion being the key word:

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