Arkansas Will Allow Therapists to Discriminate for Religious Reasons

This week, Arkansas lawmakers approved a bill that will allow therapists to reject clients if treating them would violate their religious beliefs.


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Cleveland Billboards Call Out GOP’s Homophobia and Religious Discrimination

A new billboard outside the Cleveland site of the Republican National Convention, put up by the pro-LGBT organization Planting Peace (best known for their Equality House across the street from Westboro Baptist Church), shows an illustration of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz about to kiss. The cheeky caption reads “Love Trumps Hate. End Homophobia.”


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Transgender Woman Charged For Photographing Woman In Target Dressing Room

Collective sigh and facepalm: A transgender woman in Idaho has been charged with voyeurism after taking photos of another woman in a dressing room at Target.


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A Voting Glitch Almost Kept This Church From Approving Marriage Equality

Over the course of two days, the Anglican Church of Canada supposedly rejected a resolution allowing marriage equality… but then reversed that decision.


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Proposed GOP Platform Says “God-Given, Natural Rights” Should Guide Lawmaking

The Republican Party has released its proposed platform for this election season, and its top priorities include lawmakers using religious principles to guide lawmaking and that the Bible be taught in public schools.


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