San Francisco Photographers Close Their Business Rather Than Serve a Same-Sex Couple

Another business has closed up shop rather than serve a gay couple.

When asked to photograph two men for their wedding, Bay Area-based urloved Photography (ironic name, no?) referred the couple to another photographer because of their clashing beliefs. The owners, Nang and Chris Mai, released a statement on their website explaining their version of what happened:

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Why Christians Should — Or Maybe Shouldn’t — Go To Same-Sex Weddings

Should a person of strong conservative faith attend a friend’s same-sex wedding? A curious mind asked this question in a column recently published in Charisma News, and you know the answer will be complicated:

“I am a follower of God wanting to walk in His truth,” this person wrote. “I have been invited to a same-sex celebration of marriage by two, longtime Christian friends.

“I could attend because I love both of them and could celebrate their happiness, but I could not celebrate their union as a marriage. If I go I feel like a hypocrite, and if I don’t go I feel like a hypocrite. I am seeking counsel.”

If the letter-writer wants to be a good and kind person, then yes, they should probably quiet their homophobia for a few hours and just be happy for their friends. But everyone’s favorite loudmouth, Bob Russell, says the answer is a clear “no.”

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Vladimir Putin is The Advocate‘s 2014 Person of the Year

The Advocate, the oldest LGBT magazine in the country, has announced that its 2014 Person of the Year is Vladimir Putin, the horrifically homophobic president of Russia and a committed opponent of all things pro-LGBT.

The yearly recognition is not necessarily meant to highlight someone who has made great strides for LGBT rights (an obvious fact, based on this year’s choice), but rather the person who has had the most profound influence on LGBT people in the previous year. Much like TIME magazine’s Person of the Year has, in the past, gone to anti-justice leaders (including Putin), sometimes the Person of the Year is a really, really influential bad guy. And Putin’s toxic, even deadly influence on LGBT people needs no explanation.

The magazine cover breaking the news even illustrates the Russian president as a new-age Adolf Hitler, with the help of some strategic headline placement:

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Egypt Court Sentences Eight Men to Prison for Gay Wedding Video

Eight men in Egypt face a three-year jail sentence for broadcasting a video of a same-sex wedding and, as a result, “shaming God.”

The men were charged for “spreading indecent images” and “violating public decency” after filming two men kissing, exchanging rings and celebrating with cheering friends on a Nile riverboat, suggesting a same-sex wedding. They were initially detained in September after Egypt’s chief prosecutor called the video “shameful to God” and “offensive to public morals.”

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Evangelical Minister: I Changed My Mind On Homosexuality and You Can Too!

Acceptance of LGBT people is on an undeniable upswing nationwide. Slowly but surely, conservative Christians are catching up. And every time a prominent Christian voice “comes out” for LGBT equality, the potential for change grows.

In an article for the Washington Post, evangelical minister and ethicist David Gushee writes about how his views on homosexuality have undergone a complete about-face in the last few years, and now he’s ready to tell the world.

This is especially a big deal because he was formerly a huge advocate for using the Bible to tear down LGBT people:

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