Following California’s Lead, Lawmakers Introduce Bills Against ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy

Just two weeks ago, California’s Gov. Jerry Brown signed the first law in the nation banning anti-gay “reparative therapy” for minors.

Now, states like Pennsylvania and New Jersey may follow suit. [Read more...]

Religious Right Group Tells Kids Bullying Isn’t OK, but Neither Is Being Gay

“Have you wished you could find a simple flyer for your older grade school or middle school children about homosexuality?” That’s how the conservative Christian group Mission: America introduces its handy brochure called “Questions and Answers for Kids about Homosexuality.” While there are a few pieces of useful advice (“Always speak up and help someone [Read More...]

Gay British Actor: ‘There’s Nothing Worse Than Gay Parents’

So the saying goes: one step forward, two steps back. Or so it seems with LGBT people in the media: Rupert Everett, the 53-year-old British actor who starred in the 1998 film “Shakespeare in Love,” took a few giant steps backward for the gay rights movement this week when he told the UK’s Sunday Times [Read More...]

I Can’t Believe the Robot President Will Beat Us

(Via [Read more...]

Kirk Cameron Talks About His Atheist Past, ‘Liberal Press’

For several months, former Growing Pains star┬áKirk Cameron has been under fire from LGBT activists for an interview with Piers Morgan in which Cameron said homosexuality was “unnatural,” “detrimental,” and “destructive.” Cameron is a born-again Christian who speaks frequently about how his faith affects his life. As recently as July, Cameron made headlines again for [Read More...]