Christian College Expels Lesbian Student, Then Demands Repayment of Scholarships

When Danielle Powell fell in love with the woman she would marry, it ended up costing her nearly $6,000 — and her education.

Powell was finishing her psychology degree at Grace University in Omaha, Nebraska, when she started openly dating Michelle Rogers. Unfortunately for her, Grace isn’t your ordinary college, but a private Christian school that requires its students uphold a rigid code of “moral” conduct:

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Russian Parliament Passes Bills to Punish Those Who Offend ‘Religious Feelings’ or Promote Homosexuality

Russia’s lower house of Parliament this week passed two bills condemned by Amnesty International for stifling fundamental human rights, including the right to free expression.

First off, the State Duma passed a bill outlawing actions perceived as “offending religious feelings.” That’s right: if your behavior offends a person of faith, you could do jail time:

The bill stipulated that “public actions expressing clear disrespect for society and committed with the goal of offending religious feelings of the faithful” would be punishable with jail terms of up to three years in prison as well as fines of up to AU$9700. … Public desecration of religious objects or books are also punishable by fines of up to AU$6500.

The government won’t hesitate to admit what sparked such a specific bill: the feminist performance group Pussy Riot‘s infamous public performances from last year, which openly denounced the Russian government and landed the band members in jail. Apparently Russia’s still mad about that one:

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Southern Baptists Vote to Cut Ties Over Boy Scouts’ New Policy Allowing in Gay Scouts

Ever since the Boy Scouts of America voted to partially rescind its discriminatory policy and allow gay youth into the organization, things have been rocky between scouting troops and the churches that often sponsor them.

In the latest turn of events, the Southern Baptist Convention approved a resolution Wednesday “expressing its disappointment” in the BSA’s new policy — and throwing their support behind churches that decide to drop their ties to the Boy Scouts as a result:

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Majority of Catholics and Mainline Protestants Support Marriage Equality

The number of secular people who support marriage equality is at an all-time high, but the number of religious people in favor of same-sex marriage is growing steadily, too, according to data compiled by the Pew Research Center.

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Christian Columnist: Jason Collins Should ‘Renounce Homosexuality’

I know what you’re going to say: we really shouldn’t dignify Charisma with press coverage and pageviews. The Christian “news service” is dripping with bigotry, intolerance, and just plain misinformation about any issue you can name.

But when I read that Charisma news editor Jennifer LeClaire wrote that openly gay basketball player Jason Collins would make more of a difference in the world if he “renounced homosexuality,” I got too mad to ignore it.

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