Paul Ryan: ‘Our Rights Come From Nature and God, Not from Government’

Mitt Romney‘s pick for VP has wasted no time in appealing to religious conservatives. Vice-presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan had some bold things to say in his acceptance speech Saturday about where exactly we Americans get our rights: “Our rights come from nature and God, not from government. That’s who we are. That’s how we built [Read More...]

Anti-Gay Group: At Least Slave Marriages Are Heterosexual, Right?

It seems this image has been circulating online as a darkly funny reminder that “Biblical marriage,” the oft-cited excuse for a conservative Christian’s opposition to marriage equality, is actually more complicated and controversial than we like to think. But when Jennifer Thieme, a blogger for the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage’s Ruth Institute, saw the [Read More...]

French Catholics to Pray Against Marriage Equality, Gay Adoption, Euthanasia

In 1638, France’s King Louis XIII decreed that all churches would pray on August 15th for the good of the country. In 2012, all French Catholic churches will pray on August 15th — against marriage equality, adoption rights for gay couples, and euthanasia reform. It’s no coincidence that these are all goals of the country’s [Read More...]

San Francisco’s New Archbishop Is Committed to Fighting Marriage Equality

Advocates for marriage equality in California now have another prominent religious official acting as an obstacle: Salvatore Cordileone, the Roman Catholic bishop of Oakland who was recently named archbishop-elect of San Francisco by Pope Benedict XVI, is an especially loud anti-equality voice in the Catholic community, too. Neal Broverman of The Advocate writes: Cordileone not only helped [Read More...]

Russian Religious Activists Seek to Ban Facebook for ‘Flirting With Sodomites’

Facebook’s recent decision to create icons for married same-sex couples has found a fierce opponent — a group of Russian Orthodox activists who are taking this opportunity to try to re-criminalize homosexuality. Russian Orthodox activists in the city of Saratov are calling for Facebook to be banned in Russia for perpetuating “gay propaganda” and “flirting [Read More...]