World Vision U.S., a Major Evangelical Christian Charity, Will Now Allow Married Gay Employees

After a long history of anti-LGBT activism, World Vision, one of the largest Christian charities in the world, announced a change to its employment policy Monday that has some fellow Christians up in arms. World Vision’s American branch will now permit Christians who are in legal same-sex marriages to be employed with the organization, a decision they say aligns with the charity’s mission.

World Vision U.S. president Richard Stearns told Christianity Today that while the policy change wasn’t unanimous among board members, the group was “overwhelmingly in favor” of the change. (The decision applies only to World Vision U.S., not its international branches.)

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Churches Put Home for Abused Children in Financial Jeopardy Because It Merely Considered Hiring LGBT Employees

Churches in Kentucky will stop at nothing to prove just how powerful their homophobia can be. This time, they’ve taken $7,000,000 away from a children’s services organization on the basis of a proposed pro-LGBT policy that never made it past the planning stages. The resulting budget shortage has left the organization scrambling — and the responsible churches sitting back and watching.

Bill Smithwick, former director of a Kentucky children’s home called Sunrise Children’s Services, proposed last year that the home end its policy barring openly LGBT people from being employed there. He was worried the anti-gay policy would lead to a slash in government funding, but his suggestion backfired.

Upon hearing about the proposal, local churches immediately stopped funding the children’s home, and their actions added up fast. Smithwick was forced to resign, the anti-gay policy was never actually revoked, and the organization is now facing a $7 million dollar shortage.

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United Methodist Bishop Says That Pastors Who Perform Same-Sex Marriage Ceremonies Should Not Be Punished

The United Methodist Church is not ready to embrace same-sex unions. But a few of its members are. And while they’ve been quietly defying church law for years in order to grant LGBT people the respect, rights, and love they deserve, the story of one pastor who risked his career to celebrate his son’s marriage is finally making bigger waves.

This case began back in 2012, when Rev. Thomas Ogletree, a former dean of the Yale Divinity School and a renowned author on Christian ethics, presided over his son’s wedding to another man.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="263"]Rev. Thomas Ogletree[/caption]

Upon reading the wedding announcement in the New York Times, some Methodist clergy, led by Long Island-based Rev. Randall C. Paige, filed a complaint against Ogletree, resulting in what would have been a church-based case against him.

Ogletree would have faced a UMC canonical trial Monday to determine his fate — which could have been as severe as a defrocking from the church, the punishment faced by Rev. Frank Schaefer in December when he, too, officiated his son’s same-sex wedding. Methodist practice tends to cling especially tightly to the church law saying that homosexuality is “incompatible with Christian teaching,” and apparently participating in a same-sex union is equally detestable by association.

But instead of going forth with a punishment, Bishop Martin McLee announced at a news conference that the charges against Ogletree would be dropped.

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The Creepiest Excuse Ever To Justify Anti-Transgender Discrimination

The next big civil rights hurdle for the LGBT community is full equality for transgender people, and as always, some Christian conservatives take this as a personal threat. And this exchange between two dangerously ignorant Christian men is one of the most disrespectful, downright threatening viewpoints I’ve heard in the debate so far.

An increasing number of states are considering laws like California’s SB 1266, which allows transgender students to use whatever school restrooms and athletic facilities best correspond with their gender identity. Religious conservatives are terrified by the idea, regularly launching smear campaigns and repulsive ads that demonize transgender people and cast them as predators — with absolutely no evidence to back up these claims.

That’s right: While the most common argument against trans-inclusive school bathrooms is that boys will pretend to be transgender in order to see girls changing, there are no documented examples of this ever happening in any school. It’s a made-up problem. It doesn’t exist.

But that hasn’t stopped Christian talking heads from theorizing about what will go wrong if transgender students are allowed to use the restrooms of their choice. Right Wing Watch recently grabbed a video clip of Pastor Jack Hibbs interviewing Brad Dacus, president of the hyper-conservative Pacific Justice Institute, about laws like California’s. In a short minute and a half, they degrade trans students, young women, and even young men in the chilling way that only old Christian dudes can do.

Watch below:

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London Vicar to Defy Church Leaders By Marrying Atheist Same-Sex Partner

A gay vicar with the Church of England has publicly and openly committed to marrying his same-sex partner, even though it will likely cost him his position in the clergy.

Father Andrew Cain announced his engagement to Stephen Foreshew, his partner of 14 years, on Valentine’s Day. Foreshew is not only a man, but also an atheist, therefore a big double no-no for marriages within the Church. But Cain knows the risk he’s taking — namely the likelihood that he’ll lose his job — and he’s determined to proactively speak out about it rather than hide from the reality of his situation. And that certainly makes him all the more threatening to the Church.

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