Vatican Buys Europe’s Biggest Gay Bathhouse

The Catholic Church recently bought a $30 million share of real estate in Rome — including the largest gay sauna in Europe.

Have they no shame?! (Wait, don’t answer that.)

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Kentucky Bill Would Allow Discrimination Based on ‘Sincerely Held’ Religious Beliefs

Human rights groups in Kentucky are fighting a proposed bill that would allow people to sidestep anti-discrimination laws if they could justify their actions with “sincerely held religious beliefs.”

House Bill 279, sponsored by conservative Democrat Rep. Bob Damron and recently passed in the State Senate, would strengthen a person’s ability to “ignore state regulations or laws that contradict his or her ‘sincerely held’ religious beliefs.” Gay rights groups say this could legalize discrimination against LGBT people on the basis of certain religious beliefs that maintain homosexuality is wrong: [Read more...]

Protesters Support Gay Student Harassed by Catholic Teacher

Two dozen protesters rallied outside a Catholic school board office in Ontario, Canada this week to support a high school student who says she was bullied by a teacher for being gay.

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Florist to Gay Customer: Jesus Won’t Let Me Do Your Wedding

A florist in Richland, Washington says she won’t provide flowers for a gay customer’s wedding because of her relationship with Jesus:

Rob Ingersoll has been a customer at Arlene’s Flowers for nine years. When he and his partner Curt got engaged recently, he knew he’d ask Barronelle Stuzman, their favorite florist and the owner of Arlene’s, to prepare the flowers for the wedding.

He wasn’t ready for her to shoot him down: [Read more...]

Pennsylvania School Board Blocks Formation of Gay-Straight Alliance

Members of the Chambersburg School Board (in Pennsylvania) this week voted against allowing a gay-straight alliance club (GSA) to form at a local high school.

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