Hillsdale College Chaplain Asks Students To Pray Away The “Evil” of Same-Sex Marriage

The chaplain of Hillsdale College, a nonprofit liberal arts school in Hillsdale, Michigan, sent a bizarre email to the school community this week asking for their prayers against marriage equality.

Chaplain Peter Beckwith (below) cited the marriage equality cases before the Supreme Court, which many believe will end up legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide, to describe how “evil” was afoot and Hillsdale students, alumni, and staff should pray against it.

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Here’s What Happened at the Supreme Court’s Oral Arguments on Marriage Equality

This morning, the United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Obergefell v. Hodges, the landmark case that could finally legalize marriage equality nationwide.

The Court will consider two primary questions: First, whether state bans on same-sex marriage are constitutional, and second, whether states that outlaw marriage equality can refuse to recognize same-sex marriages legally performed in other states. Marriage equality is currently legal in 37 states (plus Washington, D.C.). The four states defending their bans on marriage equality – Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, and Kentucky — previously won a lower court case when arguing on behalf of marriage discrimination, whereas six other federal appeals courts found marriage bans in their districts unconstitutional.

In a couple of months, we could see an end to the legal discrimination that deems same-sex unions second-class in a quarter of the country. Or, we could see states all over the country jump at the chance to enshrine bigotry into their constitutions.

But first, the Supreme Court must make a decision.

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Elementary Schoolers in Maine Learned About Transgender People and Conservatives Are Panicking

By now, you may have heard about a storm brewing at an elementary school in Kittery, Maine. Teachers read the book I Am Jazz, an autobiographical children’s book by transgender teenager Jazz Jennings, to K-3 students. One 7-year-old reportedly asked his mother when he got home if he was transgender.

Enter conservative media, like Fox Nation writer Todd Starnes.

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Ben Carson to LGBT Community: There’s No Pleasing You People!

Likely presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson (below) is frustrated. In an appearance in New York and an interview following, the conservative doctor affirmed his traditional-as-ever views on homosexuality, but he just doesn’t understood why LGBT people can’t accept them.

BuzzFeed compiled some sound bites from his appearance at New York’s National Action Network, the nonprofit led by Rev. Al Sharpton:

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20% of Americans Will Be Recruited Into Homosexuality In The Next Century, Says Gordon Klingenschmitt

This week, Colorado State Representative (and notorious babbling conservative) Gordon Klingenschmitt predicted a future some of us can only dream of. He says that in a hundred years, 20% of the population will be gay.

Before we go any further, this actually isn’t impossible, whether in a century or today. Depending on what survey you consult, the portion of the population that identifies as gay or lesbian might be 1%, 3%, 5%, or any other single-digit figure, really. But because stigma against LGBT people is still alive and well, we have no way of knowing how many people refrain from accurately reporting their sexual orientation, whether because of safety, family acceptance, internal denial, or any of the other reasons a person might not want to come out.

What is misguided, though, is Klingenschmitt’s idea of how we’re going to reach this figure. Here’s the video:

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