Meet the “Mama Dragons”: Mormon Moms Protecting Their LGBT Kids From Within The Church

We’ve covered the topic of suicide in Mormon communities before, especially the high numbers of LGBT youth affected. But there’s another side that doesn’t get as much coverage: the supportive Mormon parents who are protecting their LGBT children from the church’s toxic environment.


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Does Donald Trump Agree With Anti-LGBT Religious Leaders or Not?

Donald Trump can’t seem to decide if he’s a friend or enemy of the LGBT community, and his silence as the Republican Party drafts its platform speaks volumes.


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Baker Rejects Customer’s Birthday Cake Order After Learning She’s Gay — From Her Facebook Profile

A Christian rejected a customer’s birthday cake order only after snooping around her Facebook page and discovering she was gay. I know some conservative Christian bakers oppose making cakes for same-sex weddings, but saying no to a birthday cake is a new form of faith-based discrimination.


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Liberty Counsel Wants Us To Forget That Scott Lively Helped Craft Uganda’s Anti-LGBT Law

Things aren’t looking up for Christian hate pastor Scott Lively, who famously preached against homosexuality in the virulently homophobic country of Uganda. He’s currently on trial for crimes against humanity. But Liberty Counsel says he didn’t do anything wrong.


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Airbnb Host Cancels Gay Man’s Booking Because LGBT People Are “Against Humanity”

A man who booked a trip to Austin, Texas for an upcoming Pride event received this disturbing message from the Airbnb host he was planning to rent from:

airbnb discrimination_1467862934199_3791346_ver1.0

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