“Kim Davis Has Won”: Kentucky Marriage Licenses May No Longer List County Clerks’ Names

Kim Davis is out of jail, back to work, and probably having a very merry post-Christmas with the knowledge that she pissed off a lot of reasonable people in 2015. She’s also the spark that may have just enacted a huge change in how Kentucky issues marriage licenses.

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin last week issued an executive order so that county clerks’ names won’t appear on marriage licenses anymore, in order to “ensure that the sincerely held religious beliefs of all Kentuckians are honored.” To Matt Barber and other right-wingers, that’s a huge victory for the pro-Davis crew:

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Mark Regnerus Is Sad He’ll Never Get Another Raise

To much of the world, Mark Regnerus is a laughingstock.

He’s the University of Texas researcher who, in a deeply flawed and thoroughly debunked study, tried to prove that children fare better with different-sex parents than same-sex parents.

The study was so bad, in fact, that Regnerus’ own university disavowed his work and cited the American Sociological Association’s statement that “the conclusions he draws from his study of gay parenting are fundamentally flawed on conceptual and methodological grounds.” Ever since, his research hasn’t been considered valid in cases opposing the rights of same-sex couples.

In a recent interview with WORLD, a Christian publication, Regnerus threw himself a pity party, saddened that he’s lost the respect of the scientific community and that his life will never be the same since he published the paper. Here are some select gems from the interview (the interviewer’s questions are italicized):

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Author Claims It’s Harder To Be an Evangelical Christian Than an LGBT Person

Ryan Anderson, a conservative author and outspoken opponent of equal rights, is the latest talking head to make the same ridiculous claim: that it’s harder to be an evangelical Christian in the United States than it is to be LGBT.

At The Atlantic‘s inaugural LGBT Summit in Washington, D.C., the magazine’s Mary Louise Kelly interviewed Anderson about civil liberties and religious freedoms, particularly when it comes to nondiscrimination protections for employees and business customers. That’s when Anderson suggested Christians have a harder time existing in the professional world than LGBT people:

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James Dobson: Christians Have “Lost The Entire Culture War” Now That Marriage Equality Is Legal

This year has been a big one for LGBT rights, most notably after the Supreme Court legalized marriage equality nationwide. As huge a step as that was, LGBT advocates know there are many more hurdles to full equality, like workplace and housing protections, equal rights for transgender people, and tackling the crisis of LGBT youth homelessness.

But evangelical Christian leader James Dobson isn’t thinking about any of that other stuff. In his mind, it’s all over.

Dobson recently appeared on Andrew Wommack’s The Gospel Truth TV program, where he declared that, with the SCOTUS decision, anti-LGBT Christians have “lost the entire culture war.”

Here’s the clip, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

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Christian University Wins Right to Ban LGBT Students

Some Christian colleges are constantly trying to limit the rights of LGBT students and teachers, but one school in Tennessee has reached a new low.

Carson-Newman University, a private Southern Baptist college, successfully filed a waiver granting the school an exemption to Title IX, which normally protects students against discrimination. The university can now legally ban any students whose “lifestyles” aren’t aligned with its values. This category includes, but isn’t limited to, LGBT students, students who have had abortions, pregnant students, and unwed parents.

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