Two Transgender Women (With The Same First Name) Won Congressional Primaries This Week

Yesterday, we reported on Misty Snow, a trans woman who was elected as the Democratic Senate nominee in Utah.

It turns out she wasn’t alone. In a remarkable coincidence, another trans woman named Misty also won her primary in Colorado!


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49 Celebrities Honor the 49 Victims of Pulse Shooting in Moving Video Tribute

We must never forget their names and their stories.

That’s the resounding message of a beautiful video tribute to the 49 victims of the shooting at Pulse in Orlando. Produced by Ryan Murphy with the Human Rights Campaign, the video features 49 celebrities, each of whom reads the name and short biography of one of the victims.


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Gay Woman Works to Take Down Her Father’s Anti-Transgender Campaign

Bullying of LGBT kids is a major problem around the world. That’s why Australia’s Labor and Greens parties have launched a Safe Schools anti-bullying program meant to support LGBT students.

Unfortunately, right-wing conservative groups have already attacked Safe Schools with slander, scare tactics, and outright fact errors in flyers distributed to residents. In an even sadder turn of events, the president of one of the groups, the National Civic Council, is the infamous anti-LGBT activist Peter Westmore


His daughter, Trish Hackney-Westmore, however, is openly gay and spearheading efforts to raise awareness about the hateful campaign.

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God Help Us All, #HeterosexualPrideDay Is Trending On Twitter

Straight people, what are you even doing?

One of the top trends on Twitter today is #HeterosexualPrideDay, a lazy response to LGBT Pride Month, which is celebrated every June.


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Transgender Woman Wins Democratic Senate Nomination in Utah

The Senate race in Utah is about to get a lot more interesting.

On Tuesday, Utah Democrats elected Misty Snow, a transgender woman, as their party’s Senate nominee. She’s the first out trans person to be a major party’s Congressional nominee — not just in Utah, but anywhere in the country.


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