North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory Attempts (and Fails) to Clarify New Anti-LGBT Law

North Carolina’s General Assembly struck a huge blow to LGBT people on March 23, when they speedily passed House Bill 2, a law banning LGBT non-discrimination protections and barring transgender people from using affirming bathrooms.

Now, Gov. Pat McCrory has issued a laughable listicle titled “Myths vs. Facts: What New York Times, Huffington Post and other media outlets aren’t saying about common-sense privacy law.”

He tries to address the many criticisms of HB2 that have erupted since its passing but fails miserably.


There are 18 points on his list, but for the sake of time, let’s assume they’re all outrageous and hone in on the most egregious claims:

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British Prime Minister Promotes MP Stephen Crabb, Who Took Interns From Ex-Gay Therapy Organization

This week, British Prime Minister David Cameron appointed MP Stephen Crabb to the position of Work and Pensions Secretary in Wales. And in the midst of his already controversial appointment, another scandal has come to light: Crabb’s ties to an organization that promotes anti-LGBT “conversion therapy.”


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Nebraska’s Atheist State Senator May Filibuster Bill Allowing Anti-Gay Discrimination in Foster Care

Legislators in Nebraska have advanced a heartbreaking new “religious freedom” bill: LB 975, which would protect faith-based foster care agencies that refuse to work with same-sex couples.

But never fear: Sen. Ernie Chambers to the rescue!


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Mormon Lesbian Teen Was Forced to Carry Backpack of Stones to “Feel the Burden of Being Gay”

The Mormon Church may have formally renounced anti-gay “reparative therapy,” but that doesn’t erase its effects.

In Saving Alex, a book released this month, 21-year-old Alex Cooper recalls her experiences of being beaten and tortured for eight months as “therapy” for being gay. She was 15 when she came out to her Mormon parents in 2009. After first kicking her out, they dropped her off with an unlicensed Mormon couple in Utah, Tiana and Johnny Siale, so they could try to “cure” her.


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Barber Refuses to Cut a Trans Man’s Hair, Citing Religious Beliefs

Kendall Oliver is a 24-year-old Army veteran who gave six years of service and completed a tour in Afghanistan. Oliver is also a transgender man — and is now preparing a lawsuit against a barbershop which refused to provide a haircut because of that.


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