It’s Been a Year Since the Supreme Court’s Marriage Equality Decision and We’re Still Not Equal

A year after marriage equality was legalized nationwide, we ought to celebrate the victory that so many people worked to achieve, but we can’t forget how much more work we have to do.


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Mat Staver: Marriage Equality Is a “Lie From the Pit of Hell”

Kim Davis’ attorney made the anti-gay comments days before the first anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling that legalized marriage equality nationwide.

And, as usual, he’s completely wrong.

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Ban on Transgender Military Service Will End July 1

In a huge moment for transgender visibility in the United States, the national ban on transgender people serving openly in the military is expected to be lifted on July 1.


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Obama Designates Stonewall Inn the First National Monument Commemorating the LGBT Movement

President Barack Obama has officially added the historic Stonewall Inn to the list of national monuments.


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LGBT People Face More Hate Crimes Than Any Other Minority

The Pulse shooting in Orlando was undoubtedly a hate crime targeting LGBT people — and it wasn’t an isolated incident. As we continue to unpack what happened, the New York Times has released an analysis of FBI data showing that LGBT people face a greater risk of hate crimes¬†than any other minority¬†group.


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