Mormon Lesbian Teen Was Forced to Carry Backpack of Stones to “Feel the Burden of Being Gay”

The Mormon Church may have formally renounced anti-gay “reparative therapy,” but that doesn’t erase its effects.

In Saving Alex, a book released this month, 21-year-old Alex Cooper recalls her experiences of being beaten and tortured for eight months as “therapy” for being gay. She was 15 when she came out to her Mormon parents in 2009. After first kicking her out, they dropped her off with an unlicensed Mormon couple in Utah, Tiana and Johnny Siale, so they could try to “cure” her.


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Barber Refuses to Cut a Trans Man’s Hair, Citing Religious Beliefs

Kendall Oliver is a 24-year-old Army veteran who gave six years of service and completed a tour in Afghanistan. Oliver is also a transgender man — and is now preparing a lawsuit against a barbershop which refused to provide a haircut because of that.


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There Is a Link Between Mormon Populations and Teen Suicides, but Is It Related to Homophobia?

It’s an easy assumption that any policy that harms LGBT adults would have an equally (or more) devastating effect on LGBT youth. However, it’s also dangerous to assume disastrous effects without digging deeper.

One recent example that’s been in the news is the link between Mormon communities and teen suicide rates.


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“Jesus Also Had Two Fathers” Billboard Celebrates Legalization of Same-Sex Adoptions in Portugal

Same-sex families just won a huge victory in Portugal, and the country’s Left Bloc political party is celebrating with an in-your-face billboard featuring an illustration of a pro-gay Jesus.


The billboard is acknowledging a major political turning point for same-sex couples in Portugal: the right to adopt children, made official this month. Right-wingers are furious over the measure, which outgoing President Cavaco Silva signed into law on February 25.

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This Pastor is Sleeping Outside in the Cold to Represent His Church Excluding LGBT People

It’s the job of a church leader to model empathy, kindness and compassion — something that can be hard to do when your church teaches discrimination. But one pastor wants to show his church what it really feels like to be cast away by your congregation.

Rev. Michael Tupper, the pastor of Parchment United Methodist Church in Parchment, Michigan, is calling attention to his church’s exclusion of LGBT people by sleeping outside his home in a tent for 175 consecutive nights. In February. In Michigan.


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