George Takei Will Proudly Pee Next To Trans People

Activist, Star Trek actor, and all-around hero George Takei has again demonstrated what it means to support a community.


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Orlando Tattoo Artists Fundraise For Victims With Pulse Remembrance Designs

In the aftermath of the massacre at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, local tattoo artists are doing their part to bring the community together and support the victims.

Over the course of several days, artists at Stigma Tattoo Bar in Orlando donated their time to offer the community tattoos commemorating the nightclub. The artists created more than a dozen special designs, and patrons could choose any of them for a flat fee of $50, with proceeds helping families of the victims and other relief efforts.


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“Angels” Block Westboro Baptist Church From Disrupting Mourners At Orlando Victims’ Funerals

When Westboro Baptist Church came to protest at the funerals of victims of the Orlando massacre, a group of people wearing handmade angel wings kept protesters out of sight and left mourners in peace.


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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Will Let Transgender Students Use the Bathrooms of Their Choice

As the debate over transgender people in bathrooms rages on, no place has been more scrutinized than North Carolina, where the pushback against HB2 continues to make national news.

That’s why it’s so important that Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, the second-largest school district in the state, just announced that transgender students will have the right to choose their names, pronouns, and bathrooms beginning this fall.


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Republican Lawmaker Claims “All Of The Research” Opposes Same-Sex Parents (And He’s Totally Wrong)

The verdict is in: Same-sex parents raise happy, healthy kids. 

It’s backed by study after study, and the legalization of marriage equality will only make it more widely known that there is virtually no difference in the general wellbeing of kids with same-sex parents versus different-sex parents. The debate is over.

But that news hasn’t reached Rep. Trent Franks, a Republican lawmaker from Arizona.


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