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‘Biblical Christian’ Denies Reception Hall Rental to Lesbian Couple

A few days ago, Kristen Stewart (not that one), a┬ámanager at the University Club reception hall in Moline, Illinois, turned away a potential customer because she didn’t approve of her sexual orientation. It was the same story we’re used to by this point: The owner or employee begins to tell the customer about the facility [Read More…]

Pastor’s Testimony Excluded from Rape Case

As you might expect from the headline, this case is disturbing, disgusting, and revolting. What you might not expect is that the good guy in this story is the religious leader. In 2009, an 11-year-old girl told her mother that, two years earlier, her 15-year-old male cousin had raped her (when she was nine). The [Read More…]

Massachusetts Judge Rejects Bishops’ Conscience Exemption

In a decision handed down Friday, a district court in Massachusetts held that the Department of Health and Human Services was wrong to allow the U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops to impose religious restrictions on disbursement of federal funds. The program provided assistance to victims of human trafficking but the HHS allowed the bishops to [Read More…]

Carroll County, Maryland Employees ‘Urged’ to Attend Religious Training

The board of Carroll County, Maryland, has created a very ironic situation. County employees have been “urged” to attend a training course centered on the Maryland Constitution. Legally, they’re doing fine to this point. The irony comes from who is presenting the course: The Institute on the Constitution. They champion what it calls the “American [Read More…]

Court Says Company Was Right to Fire Anti-Gay Counselor

An federal appeals court in Georgia recently affirmed the lower court’s dismissal of the case of┬áMarcia Walden, a counselor employed by contract with the Centers for Disease Control, saying she did not have a valid free exercise claim against the CDC. Back in 2007, Ms. Walden’s employer, C0mputer Sciences Corporation, (CSC) held a contract with [Read More…]