About Dr. Denise Cooper-Clarke

I am a graduate of medicine and theology with a Ph.D in medical ethics. I tutor in medical ethics at the University of Melbourne, am an (occasional) adjunct Lecturer in Ethics at Ridley Melbourne, and a voluntary researcher with Ethos. I am also a Fellow of ISCAST and a past chair of the Melbourne Chapter of Christians for Biblical Equality. I have special interests in professional ethics, sexual ethics and the ethics of virtue.

Non-Serious Catholics Are More Tolerant Than You Think

by Jesse Galef – You love data, right? Of course you do, how silly of me. Everyone loves sifting through survey data. Well, the Public Religion Research Institute released a fascinating survey last week on the political views of Catholic Americans. One finding getting attention is that Catholics are particularly likely to support marriage equality: [Read More…]

Why Asking Why Isn’t Enough

by Jesse Galef – The question “Why?” is an impressively vague word. Used without context, it can be almost useless. I got contacted by the makers of the documentary “The Nature of Existence” whose trailer starts with the filmmaker saying “We all have one thing in common: We exist. But why?” What a nebulous question. [Read More…]

Heterosexual Questionnaire Extraordinaire

by Jesse Galef – Ever thought about the silly questions that gays and lesbians get asked? What would it be like to have that turned around? Check out this fantastic job done by Ashley Paramore and Greta Christina: The questions are from a tongue-in-cheek post by Joe Kort at Psychology Today. What was your favorite [Read More…]

SSA and USAToday Win One for Brian

by Jesse Galef – What a victory! This has been an incredible week for us at the Secular Student Alliance, reaching 250 affiliates and today we got some great news. We all know that teenage atheists can have a really tough time finding a community and starting a group – the story one Oklahoma student [Read More…]

Interview on Alan Colmes Tonight

by Jesse Galef – While we’re mentioning interviews today I wanted to pass along that I’ll be on FOX News’ Alan Colmes Radio Show tonight at 10:30PM EST to discuss the Secular Student Alliance’s recent success in helping secular high school students! It should be positive – yes, it’s FOX, but it’s Alan Colmes who [Read More…]