Mississippi Named Most Religious State

Hey everyone, Ron Gold here. This news isn’t a surprise, but now it’s official: Mississippi is the America’s most religious state, according to a Pew Forum study on the levels of devotion in America, which asked respondents whether religion is important in their lives. Eighty-two percent of Mississipians said yes. Mississippi also leads the nation in weekly church [Read More…]

An Orrin Hatch Hanukkah

This post is brought to you by Ron Gold. Would you believe someone if they told you that a Mormon senator from Utah just wrote a Hanukkah song?  Well, it’s true: Senator Orrin G. Hatch, a solemn-faced Republican with a soft spot for Jews and a love of Barbra Streisand, has penned a catchy holiday tune, [Read More…]

The Physical Embodiment of Catholic Paranoia

This post is courtesy of Ron Gold. Bill Donohue, the president of the Catholic League, has been extra busy lately.  In the last few days, he’s thrown his ire–or, as Hemant put it, thrown a “shit fit”–at The Simpsons and comedian Sarah Silverman for alleged anti-Catholic bigotry.  But Donohue has really topped himself with a column titled “America’s secular saboteurs,” which was [Read More…]

Reincarnation Scaring Off Organ Donors

Hey everyone, this post is courtesy of Ron Gold: Reincarnation in one of those beliefs that seems quaint, but not dangerous. After all, what harm is there in a person thinking they could come back in another life as a butterfly or a mollusk? Well, believing in reincarnation is actually causing people to die, at [Read More…]

Model’s Caning Postponed

Hey, Ron Gold here. An Islamic model in Malaysia–yes, they do exist–has been sentenced to be caned for her henious crime of drinking beer in public. She was set to receive the beating only a matter of hours ago, when suddenly, it was delayed for Ramadan related reasons. However, this was not a welcome decision: The [Read More…]