Boston College Goes Overboard with Catholic Symbols

Hey, it’s your buddy Ron Gold. I was reading how Boston College, a Jesuit, Catholic school, recently filled their campus and classrooms with Catholic symbols in a stealthy fashion: Students and faculty returned to campus after winter break to find that Boston College had quietly completed, without announcement or fanfare, an eight-year project to dramatically [Read More…]

Let’s Drop The Euphemistic Phrase “Faith-Based” Already

Hey everyone, Ron Gold here: When I hear President Obama talk about his plans to beef up the office of faith-based initiatives, it irritates me twofold. First of all, as an atheist, it’s only natural that religious groups receiving federal funding would bother me. But additionally, the very words “faith-based” get to me, as they [Read More…]

Is Ted Haggard a Victim of Evangelicalism?

Hey everyone, this is Ron Gold from The Invisible Pink Unicorn blog. Hemant has graciously invited me to do some guest posts. It’s a pleasure to be writing here. I just saw the new HBO documentary The Trials of Ted Haggard – it follows the former evangelical megachurch pastor’s life after he was exiled for [Read More…]