I Had No Idea Until I Read the P.S.

Thank you, person who emailed me. You have shown me the light.

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This Wonderful New Non-Profit Group Will Help Secular People in Need

What happens if you come out as an atheist or LGBT and your parents kick you out of the house? What if you’re trying to leave an abusive relationship but your entire social network is contained within your church?

There are resources out there for people who need a safety net, but they’re often faith-based.

But there’s finally a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people without religion get the help they need. It’s called Secular Avenue:

We often talk about how churches provide community — I think they’re great at it — and we’ve seen atheists attempt to replicate that (sans the whole God thing). But this is a practical approach to a very serious problem. This will help the people in our secular world who need it the most, at a time when there are very few others they can rely on.

I asked Noelle if she would answer some questions about the group and our conversation is below:

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Andrew Sullivan Says He Will Stop Blogging

Wow. I wasn’t expecting to hear that Andrew Sullivan will stop blogging, but I can’t say I’m surprised:

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James Randi Announces His Retirement

Over the past year, the James Randi Educational Foundation has closed its Los Angeles offices and let go of its Executive Director. Its founder was profiled by the New York Times and featured as the subject of a new documentary.

And now, the 86-year-old James Randi has announced his retirement:

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The Nightly Show‘s Disappointing Panel on Vaccines

For as much shit as Bill Maher gets (and deserves) for his questioning of the efficacy of certain vaccines, at least he brings on qualified guests who try to set him straight.

I wish Larry Wilmore had done more of that on last night’s episode of The Nightly Show.

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