The Freeloaders of Hamilton County, Tennessee

Chattanooga, Tennessee sits in Hamilton County and, like so many cities, it could always use more tax revenue.

Residents obviously pay taxes. So do most businesses.

But not churches. They’re exempt and — bad news for the city — there are a hell of a lot of them in the area, meaning the city is missing out on millions of dollars each year in theoretical income:

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Why I Am An Atheist

The prompt from Patheos: Explain why you’re an atheist in under 200 words.

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Todd Stiefel’s Impact on the Atheist Movement Goes Beyond Just the Money

CNN’s Dan Merica has written a long article on Todd Stiefel, the atheist movement’s “money man,” as he calls him:

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Do You Get Positive Reactions When Wearing Atheist Shirts in Public?

Bruce Gleason of the Backyard Skeptics has found that when he wears atheist-themed shirts in public, far from what we might expect, he gets far more positive reactions than negatives ones:

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Kiva Atheist Group Closes in on 25,000 Members…

Last month, the Atheists, Agnostics, Skeptics, Freethinkers, Secular Humanists and the Non-Religious group on microlending website Kiva hit a major milestone, having loaned out over $10,000,000.

Now, they’re about to hit another milestone:

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