Catholic Bishop: When Priests Sexually Abuse Children, It’s Partly the Kids’ Fault

I thought it was pretty bad when, last year, a Catholic Bishop testified under oath that he wasn’t sure if raping a child was a crime.

I just heard something worse.

In 2011, when Syracuse, New York Bishop Robert Cunningham (below) was testifying in a lawsuit against another priest in his diocese who was accused of sexually abusing a child, Cunningham was asked the simplest question in the world… and botched it in the worst possible way:

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Sen. Bernie Sanders Tried to Find Common Ground with Students at Liberty University

Earlier today, Democratic Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders delivered an address at Liberty University, the school founded by the late Jerry Falwell and the place where Sen. Ted Cruz announced his entry into the Presidential race earlier this year.

That seems like an odd venue for Sanders given that people like him are why Liberty University was created in the first place.

But Sanders rose to the challenge, side-stepping more polarizing issues and focusing instead on income inequality.

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High School Football Coach Doesn’t Understand Why Leading Team in Prayer is a Problem

In Washington (state), Bremerton High School assistant football coach Joe Kennedy seems to be a well-liked, well-respected guy. But he’s blissfully unaware of what the law is regarding praying with students.

He’s not supposed to lead it. He’s not supposed to participate when students do it because it’s a form of coercion.

If he’s acting like a pastor, students are compelled to join in whether or not it’s “voluntarily.” That’s why the courts have repeatedly said that school prayers (like the kind you see at sporting events) must be student-led. Coaches and teachers and administrators aren’t supposed to join in.

But Kennedy is now being treated as a martyr after he was told he couldn’t lead the prayer circle with his athletes. (He’s the guy standing up on the left side in the picture below.)

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Danish Atheists Launch Ad Campaign Asking People Why They Pay to Pray

The Danish Atheist Society (Ateistisk Selskab) just launched a new bus ad campaign in which they pose some simple questions:

“Why believe in a god?”

“Why does faith cost money?”

There was a third question, too, but that one was rejected:

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Kim Davis Returns to Work by Telling Media She Won’t Do Her Job

Earlier today, Kim Davis returned to work from her self-imposed mini-exile to announce that she still won’t do her job and sign marriage licenses for gay couples who have a legal right to them. That may not matter, though, since a deputy clerk has already said he would sign off on them instead. Whether those are legal is another issue entirely.

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