Another Ten Commandments Monument Erected Outside Oklahoma Courthouse

Just a day after the Ten Commandments monument outside the Oklahoma State Capitol building was taken down because it’s illegal government promotion of religion, the Johnston County Commissioners (in the same state) have put up a similar monument outside the local courthouse:

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An Arkansas High School is Allowing Students to Pray Over the Loudspeakers at Football Games

Ashdown High School in Arkansas has a problem with prayer.

It’s not that a lot of kids want to say them. That’s not an issue. That’s never been an issue. The problem is that everyone in the community seems to have no clue where to draw the line. They thought it was okay for the band director to lead the prayers. It’s not.

So the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent them a letter at the behest of someone in the District (as is always the case; they don’t do these things on a whim). That seems to have stopped the band director’s involvement… but there’s still a problem:

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Texas City Council Only Lets Atheists Deliver Invocations if a Christian Gets To Pray Afterwards

The Keller City Council in Texas has invocation prayers at meetings. It’s legal, so we have to live with it, but it doesn’t mean we can’t participate.

That’s why, last year, my friend Zach Moore of the Keller Humanists requested to deliver one of those invocations. Mayor Mark Matthews initially said no to him, but eventually relented at the request of the pastor who coordinated the speakers.

There was just one caveat: Moore could speak… but only if he was followed by a Christian speaker.

In other words, they weren’t going to have a meeting without a Christian prayer. It’s like saying, “You can say what you want… but I’m always going after you in order to have the last word.”

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This New Book Introduces Evolution to Preschoolers

Last year, Jonathan Tweet, a game designer who’s worked on such projects as Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: the Gathering Kickstarter-ed a children’s book designed to teach basic concepts of evolution to pre-schoolers.

That book, Grandmother Fish, is now on Amazon:

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God Should Really Make a List of His Creations

That awkward moment when you remember creating dinosaurs

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