Those Damn Atheist Cowards and Their Pseudonyms

Annie noticed this comment at Glenn Beck‘s website for the Todd Stiefel article I posted about earlier: Enough said. [Read more...]

New FFRF Ad Urging People to Quit the Catholic Church Features Actress Julia Sweeney

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has created an offshoot from their full-page newspaper ads encouraging people to quit the Catholic Church: This time, it’s a commercial featuring former religious Catholic (and former Saturday Night Live star) Julia Sweeney. Sweeney is the actress who performed the fantastic one-woman show “Letting Go of God” and — I [Read More...]

Christian Pastor Gets Arrested for Beating Daughter… Commenters Defend Him on News Website

Christian “prosperity gospel” pastor Creflo Dollar (yes, his real name) got arrested this morning for beating his daughter. That’s obviously big news in Atlanta, near where Dollar is based. But holy crap, look at the comments defending what he did on a local Atlanta news website: What the hell…? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD?! [Read more...]

Glenn Beck’s Website Has a Q&A with Todd Stiefel

Glenn Beck‘s website, The Blaze, just did an “Ask An Atheist” series with atheist philanthropist Todd Stiefel. Their readers had questions and Todd answered them — the first installment is now up on the site. And they’re promoting it like no one has ever done anything like this before: (A couple of months ago, they [Read More...]

Jesus Wants You to Kill All Infidels… Says 7th Grader Doing His Homework

Here’s a bad idea for an assignment If you’re teaching a history class: Draw a recruitment poster to enlist soldiers who can fight in the Crusades. You’re only asking for trouble… Here’s a hilarious idea if you’re a student: Draw a picture of Jesus (a la Uncle Sam) saying “I want you to kill all [Read More...]