Texas School District Retweets Prayer on Twitter

Here’s a question for you: Why is the person running the Lake Dallas Independent School District’s Twitter feed retweeting a prayer?

I know it’s Texas, but that’s still illegal promotion of religion. It shouldn’t be happening. It’s nothing to file a lawsuit over, but it’s something the District needs to address before the problem gets worse.

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Can a Kansas Elementary School Feature a Painting of “The Last Supper” in the Cafeteria?

Should an elementary school have a print of “The Last Supper” hanging in the cafeteria?

Because that’s the case at Nelson Elementary School in Haysville, Kansas:

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Liberty University Eliminates Scholarship Program Many Christian Parents Were Relying On

Liberty University, the school founded by Jerry Falwell and now run by his son, instituted a program a long time ago in order to keep families inside their bubble. If you enrolled your child in one of several private Christian schools from grades 3-12 (paying tuition along the way), then those kids would be able to attend Liberty University for free.

Benjamin and Sarah Newman felt it was a wise financial move, so instead of homeschooling their five kids, they sent them to Liberty Christian Academy, one of the schools involved in the scholarship program.

You can imagine their disappointment to learn that Liberty University has canceled the program — and a lot of families who sent their kids to those Christian schools specifically to get the tuition break are going to be screwed over as a result.

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Southern Baptist Pastor Admits the Kim Davis Controversy Has Nothing to Do with Christian Persecution

With all the conservative Christians jumping on the Kim Davis bandwagon, defending a government official who broke the law and prevented people from obtaining the marriage licenses they are entitled to have, you might wonder if anyone on that side of the fence understands why this isn’t about “religious freedom.”

Believe it or not, it’s a Southern Baptist leader who’s finally talking sense.

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A Christian Reveals Six Reasons He Might Lose His Faith

Matt Herndon is a pastor and seminary graduate who describes himself as a “Trinitarian theist who worships a resurrected God-man who is, in my opinion, quite a Guy.” He’s a Christian who takes faith very seriously.

But that doesn’t mean his faith doesn’t have some holes in it. In a post that you have to appreciate for its honesty, Herndon lists several reasons he might be persuaded to step away from his faith.

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