Catholic Diocese in Minnesota May File for Bankruptcy Due to Sexual Abuse Lawsuits Against Its Priests

In documents released this week, Bishop John Quinn said that the Catholic Diocese of Winona (Minnesota) may go into bankruptcy depending on how many people sue them for past sexual abuse cases. The “problem” stems from a state law that allows victims of child sexual abuse to file lawsuits against the criminals even if the incidents took place a long time ago. The window to file suits for old cases doesn’t close until the middle of 2016:

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Nicholas Kristof Elaborates on the Diversity of Islam but Still Misses the Point

In his New York Times column today, Nicholas Kristof expands on the controversial panel discussion he was a part of on Real Time with Bill Maher last week. He and Ben Affleck (though mostly Affleck) argued that criticism of Islam was unfair, “gross,” and “racist,” while Maher and Sam Harris made the case that radical ideas were not confined to some small fringe of Muslims.

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Homeopathic Battleship is the Hardest Game Ever…

Take regular Battleship, with its ratio of 17 ship squares out of 100 total squares… and homeopathize it so that there’s only 1 ship square out of 100,000,000,000 total squares.

That’s Homeopathic Battleship.

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This is Why You Shouldn’t Say the Pledge of Allegiance in School

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses why you shouldn’t say the Pledge of Allegiance in school:

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Tennessee School District Considers Prayers at Board Meetings, Despite Knowing They’re Illegal

The Williamson County Board of Education in Tennessee want to begin meetings with prayer, which they can’t do since a school board (which oversees students specifically) isn’t the same as a city council. A school board prayer is usually seen by the courts as no different from a teacher or principal leading prayer in a classroom — there’s a coercion factor that comes into play.

What’s more, the board members in Williamson County know prayers would be illegal, and yet they still want to have them:

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