George Takei’s Take on the Kim Davis Rally Was Great; His Response to a Troll Was Even Better

George Takei, like many of us, was disturbed by the Rally O’Righteousness yesterday featuring Mike Huckabee, Kim Davis, and lawyer Mat Staver.

So he expressed his outrage on Facebook with this sensible post:

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A Fox News Anchor Criticized Kim Davis’ Defenders As Her Lawyer Spoke at Her Rally

For the second time in a few days, a Fox News personality has openly ridiculed the Kim Davis saga. This time, though, it’s coming from one of the anchors.

Yesterday, Shep Smith provided commentary criticizing the arguments from Davis’ camp as lawyer Mat Staver spoke at the rally:

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Hey, Jesus, What Are All These Other Footprints…?

Leave it to Randall Munroe to explain all those footprints over time…

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The Difference Between Sex Ed and Abstinence-Only Education

Leave it to The Onion to explain the differences:

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Dozens of Homeopathy Conference Attendees End Up in Hospital After Taking Actual Drug

The headline may be humorous, but the actual situation is devastating.

At an alternative medicine conference in Hamburg, Germany over the weekend, 29 people ended up in a hospital after taking a very real, very potent drug:

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