After Speaker Praises Jesus at Public School Assembly, Everyone (To My Surprise) Handles It Perfectly

With so many public schools directly or indirectly promoting Christianity these days, it’s nice to see a situation where everyone handled it properly.

Last week, motivation speaker Ryan Roberts spoke to the juniors at Keller High School in Texas, his alma mater, about how to handle stress. He was there as a representative of C3 Student Leadership, a local non-profit organization.

But toward the end of his talk, things got weird:

According to students, Roberts said there was someone in whom they could all find relief and asked students to call out the name on the count of three. When he reached three, he yelled, “Jesus!”

What the hell…?

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Finally, an Inside Look at the Church of Neurotology

Saturday Night Live gave us an exclusive glimpse into old footage from the “Church of Neurotology”… and where the members are today:

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Assumptions About the Creation of the Universe

DarkMatter2525 posted this wonderful messes-with-your-mind video about the creation of the universe and how uncover our place within it:

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Rep. John Fleming (R-LA) Says Students Should Be Allowed to Pray in School, Not Realizing That’s Already Legal

Over the past week, I’ve written a couple of posts about the overreaching faith of Principal Albert Hardison of Walnut Hill Elementary/Middle School, part of the Caddo Parish Public Schools in Louisiana.

This is someone who openly praised God on the school’s website (he has revised it since the complaints began):

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Something is “Risen,” That’s For Sure…

Note to churches: If you want to advertise Easter services, it’s probably a bad idea to model your “commercial” off of ads for Viagra:

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