Orlando Airport’s Prayer Room is Angering Some Christians Because, For Once, It’s Not All About Them

In order to accommodate passengers who are likely to purchase tickets for the new Emirates Airlines non-stop flights from Orlando to Dubai, the Orlando International Airport will be opening a “Reflection Room” in a few weeks. With Muslims in mind, the $250,000 space will give people the ability to wash themselves before praying, a place to put their shoes if they must take them off, and directional signs so they can make sure they’re facing Mecca.

To be clear, anyone can use this space. Even atheists who just want some quiet space before a flight. But since the accommodations are directed at Muslims, some conservative Christians are furious.

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Donald Trump is Slowly Dismantling the Religious Right

Sarah Posner, writing for Religion Dispatches, explains how Donald Trump is creating a rift within the Religious Right:

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A Portrait of Jesus Greets Students at This Kansas Middle School

How the hell did a giant painting of Jesus end up in a public middle school?

That’s what the Freedom From Religion Foundation is asking Chanute Public Schools (Kansas) Superintendent Richard Proffitt:

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Christian Lashes Out Against John Oliver, But Says She’s Too Busy “Casting Out Devils” to Watch His Show

Jennifer LeClaire, the senior editor of Charisma, says she had never heard of John Oliver before his recent televangelist segment because she’s too busy performing magic tricks that exist only in her mind:

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Josh Duggar Confirms Infidelity: “I Have Been the Biggest Hypocrite Ever”

Following yesterday’s revelation that Josh Duggar — the former executive director of the Family Research Council, outspoken critic of marriage equality, and in-house (alleged) sexual abuser — also had two accounts on cheating-website Ashley Madison, he’s finally coming clean.

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