Rick Perry: The Worst Thing About Donald Trump is That He Doesn’t Ask God for Forgiveness

Yesterday, in a speech that was surprising¬†partly because it took this long for a Republican Presidential candidate to deliver it, Gov. Rick Perry denounced Donald Trump and his overblown offensive rhetoric, calling Trump’s candidacy a “cancer on conservatism.”

(Also a cancer on conservatism? Most conservatives.)

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The Virgin Mary’s Mouth Isn’t Miraculously Moving in an Australian Church’s Painting

According to parishioners at Saint Charbel’s Maronite Catholic Church in Sydney, Australia, a picture of the Virgin Mary has come to life and is joining them in prayer! Or at least her mouth is…

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Richard Dawkins Responds to $58 Million Lawsuit from Man Who Says the Scientist Called Him Stupid

Richard Dawkins is currently being sued for $58 million in one of the weirdest lawsuits you will ever see.

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All That Glitters is Not God

We finally have definitive proof of God’s existence and it comes by way of Jessica, a Christian who’s temporarily visiting California and writing about her trip online.

She visited Bethel Redding Church and something miraculous happened…

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Another Christian Attempts to Disprove Evolution Through His Own Ignorance

Here’s yet another video of a Christian who doesn’t understand science explaining why evolution must be false:

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