Watch These Christian Men Apologize for Allowing Women They Slept With to Have Abortions

In a video put out by anti-abortion group HeroicMedia, a bunch of male pastors explain how sorry they are for letting women have abortions.

They even say to the camera, “I had an abortion,” because abortions are really all about them. And then they apologize to everyone who’s ever had an abortion, since that’s what you all really wanted from them.

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According to This Christian Scientist, Your Thoughts Can Alter Your DNA for Generations to Come

When I’m looking for some scientific programming on television, I turn to Believer’s Voice of Victory to see what Kenneth and Gloria Copeland can teach me.

Their recent episode featuring Dr. Caroline Leaf lived up to all my expectations.

Just listen to the 12:16 mark below where Leaf explains how your thoughts can alter your DNA:

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The Staffers in This Sheriff’s Office Just Realized Their Rugs Don’t Say “In God We Trust”…

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office (in Florida) recently spent $500 buying a couple of rugs with the office emblem on it:

But a few weeks after the rugs were delivered, someone noticed a problem with the motto…:

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Rankin County School Board (in Mississippi) Creates Obstacle to Stop Students from Joining Gay-Straight Alliance

Rankin County School District in Mississippi has already been the subject of some major church/state separation violations.

But after a student approached a Brandon High School teacher about forming a Gay-Straight Alliance, the reactions of the school board and superintendent show that they’ve learned absolutely nothing over the years.

Check out what happened when Superintendent Lynn Weathersby (below) told the school board to adopt a new policy to prevent “gay clubs” from forming:

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Bill Nye and Ken Ham Sent Each Other Christmas Gifts

You guys, they’re like best frenemies now.

For Christmas, Bill Nye sent Ken Ham a signed copy of his book Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation with this message:

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