We Finally Have Proof of God’s Existence!

Just so you all know, prayer will help your small business. I know this because Phil Ressler says so.

Ressler is pastor of the Illinois-based Lord of Life Lutheran Church — their website address is, and I’m not kidding, LOLChurch.net — and he tells the story of a local man who prayed for his printer to come in the mail: [Read more...]

Local Newspaper Runs Beautiful Story on Gay Wedding… and Readers Flip Out

The Laurel Leader-Call recently ran a front page story by reporter Cassidi Bush celebrating the first ever gay wedding ceremony in the area (even if the marriage is not legally recognized):

Just one thing… the paper is based out of Mississippi. [Read more...]

Say It Loud: I’m Black and I’m…

… an atheist.

Just in time for the National Day of Solidarity for Black Nonbelievers, Alix Jules is taking the baton from Mandisa Thomas and starting a group called “Black Nonbelievers of Dallas”: [Read more...]

Tim Tebow Cancels Appearance at Bigoted Pastor’s Church After Getting Criticized For Saying Yes

Pastor Robert Jeffress of the First Baptist Church of Dallas has said some amazing things in the past.

[Read more...]

Malcolm Gladwell Say We Should Take Action When There is Ample Evidence of Harm… but Gives Religious Thinking a Pass

Popular author/journalist Malcolm Gladwell recently gave a talk at the University of Pennsylvania about “proof” — specifically, “How much proof do we need about the harmfulness of something before we act?” So he talks about, among other things, why we continue to play football when the evidence for players developing life-long head injuries/brain trauma is overwhelming.

At the end of his talk, during Q & A, someone asked Gladwell how his talk applies to the nature of God… (47:05) [Read more...]