Security Expert Bruce Schneier Responds to Sam Harris

Security expert Bruce Schneier has taken Sam Harris to task on his proposal to profile Muslims at the airport. I don’t have time to analyze the back and forth right now (it’s late; I’m tired) but I still think it sets a good example when Harris offer up his own site for a guest post [Read More...]

Winning Entries in the Design-Your-Own-Atheist-Billboard Contest Now Up in Ohio

After an online contest held in January to design their next billboard, the Mid Ohio Atheists selected two designs (both created by Elliot Fuller) and they went up yesterday in Mansfield! In addition, they put up the following billboard as a response to a sign a local church put up last summer (which strangely used [Read More...]

Religion and Butt Zits

How no one thought of this before, I don’t know: What would other belief systems say? Let us know in the comments (via Toothpaste for Dinner) [Read more...]

Now That You’re An Atheist…

I like Crommunist‘s take on the age-old question, “Why are you an atheist?” Better yet, he asks, what has changed since you became an atheist? Here’s just one of his examples: Because I am an atheist, I am on the organ donor list Far more pragmatic and less self-reflectively thanatophobic than the first one, I [Read More...]

Backyard Skeptics’ Newest Billboards Honor Hitchens and Mock Noah’s Flood

The Backyard Skeptics are sponsoring two billboards in California and I’m just waiting for the complaints to pour in from deeply religious types: The first one was put up in conjunction with American Atheists and pays homage to the late Christopher Hitchens: You can check it out in the American Legion parking lot in Midway [Read More...]