Remember the Vandalized Church in South Carolina? Here’s What Happened with the Money You All Raised in Response to That

Nearly a month ago, Shady Grove United Methodist Church in Irmo, South Carolina got vandalized with atheist-themed graffiti: I don’t know if atheists actually did that, but it definitely makes it harder for us to explain that we can be good without god when shit like that happens. You all raised money for a similar [Read More...]

Any Atheists K-12 Teachers Out There?

Craig and Aimee Howley at Ohio University are doing research on K-12 teachers/administrators who are also non-religious. A great deal of research in education focuses on the experiences of marginalized groups. The aim of this study is to investigate the experiences of one such group — teachers who describe themselves as atheists, agnostics, or freethinkers. [Read More...]

In Scotland, Humanist Weddings Are Overtaking Religious Ones

The Registrar General for Scotland, George MacKenzie, just released a fascinating report on births, deaths, and marriages in 2011 (PDF). It turns out civil ceremonies — conducted by local government officials — made up 52% of all ceremonies last year, up from 31% in 1971. Humanist celebrants conducted 2,486 marriages last year compared to 5,557 [Read More...]

Touchdown Jesus Will Soon Be Replaced by Hug Me Jesus

In June, 2010, the Touchdown Jesus statue in Monroe, Ohio burned down: There’s good news, though, for lovers of Jesus statues. In a couple of months, you’ll be seeing a replacement: The new statue created by Cincinnati native Tom Tsuchiya is called “Lux Mundi” or “Light of the World.” The original statue the “King of [Read More...]

Sam Harris on Internet Trolls

We all handle Internet trolls differently. I usually don’t engage with people trying to get a rise out of me — in the comments below, on Twitter, whatever — unless I think the topic needs addressing. I usually don’t post about them on this site because there are more pressing/interesting issues to write about when [Read More...]