Stop Taking @kimdavis917 Seriously. It’s a Troll Account. Here’s How We Know

A lot of people have been quick to follow and cite @kimdavis917 as if it’s a legitimate account currently run by Kim Davis‘ husband. It’s not. It’s fake. I’ll tell you why in a moment.

Yet after the account posted a supposed letter Davis wrote from jail, it managed to fool bloggers, a New York Times reporter, a progressive media outlet, and probably most of those 800+ followers.

How do we know it’s a troll account? The evidence is all there if you look for it. Let’s run through a short list…

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Why Do Evangelical Christians Support Donald Trump?

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses why it makes no sense for evangelical Christians to support Donald Trump.

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Why Are State Prisoners Building a Chair for the Pope?

For some reason, inmates at the Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Center have been hard at work creating a chair for Pope Francis to sit on when he visits them later this month.

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Todd Starnes Fuels Christian Persecution Flames by Saying Jails Will Fill Up with the Faithful

Todd Starnes, who has never met a Christian he couldn’t use to further his persecution complex, said on American Family Radio yesterday that, in the wake of the Kim Davis controversy, Christians will soon be rounded up and put in prison:

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Should Elected Officials Have to Obey the Law? Liberty Counsel Can’t Decide

Let me summarize the ACLU’s position on Kim Davis: She’s a government official who refuses to sign marriage licenses for same-sex couples. Her rationale is irrelevant. She needs to abide by the law and do her job. If she can’t, then she must resign.

Liberty Counsel, the group defending Davis, says that she is being “held as a prisoner for her religious beliefs.” In other words, because she has a religious objection to the law, the government ought to accommodate her request to not have to sign marriage licenses. Even if that means sending gay couples (who pay taxes in the county) to the next county over.

Here’s the problem.

That same organization said very different things when gay marriage was illegal and some government officials were giving it a green light in their own municipalities.

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