New Creationist Billboard Campaign Aimed at “Our Intolerant Liberal Friends”

Ken Ham is trying to drum up more publicity for his Noah’s Ark Theme Park with a new billboard campaign lovingly targeting his “intolerant liberal friends.”

Atheists and secularists do not want to see Ark Encounter built and are doing everything they can think of to stop it — including spreading blatant lies and misinformation. They do not want anyone to learn that the Bible can be trusted and that observational science confirms the Bible’s account of history. They also don’t want people to be exposed to the life-changing messages of the Bible that will be boldly presented at Ark Encounter. They especially don’t want our kids—the next generation—to hear this truth…

These attacks on Ark Encounter highlight their intolerance of religion. Secularists are trying to keep any mention of Christianity out of the culture, and this includes the Ark of the Bible. In recent blog posts and articles we’ve pointed out numerous instances of the growing intolerance toward religion, especially Christianity, throughout our culture.

A few things about that statement:

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The Bible Doesn’t Always Change Your Life as Intended…

Click over to the Far Left Side and hover your cursor over the comic to see the bonus panel :)

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Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 32: Horus Gilgamesh, Author of The Awkward Moments Children’s Bible

Our latest podcast guest is Horus Gilgamesh, author of The Awkward Moments Children’s Bible. (Which is really not for children.) His book features beautiful illustrations of the most disturbing biblical passages you’re ever read. Volume 2 came out recently and I suspect we’ll be seeing more volumes in the future because, well, there’s so much [Read More…]

Indiana City, for Some Reason, Keeps Putting Up a Nativity Scene on Courthouse Grounds Every Year

There’s a Nativity Scene in Brookville, Indiana that has been up for over 50 years, despite warning letters (over the course of several years) from the Freedom From Religion Foundation to take it down.

Here are the only details that matter: The display is owned by the Town of Brookville and sits on the grounds of the Franklin County Courthouse.

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The Illinois State Capitol Rotunda is Now Home to a Very Optimistic Atheist Display

Late last week, the Springfield Area Freethinkers put up the following sign in the Illinois State Capitol rotunda:

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