The City of Lake Elsinore Voted to Build a Monument Honoring Christian Soldiers and Now They’re Getting Sued

In April of last year, the City Council of Lake Elsinore, California talked about how nice it would be to honor local veterans with a monument. $50,000 was budgeted for the project and all the designs they considered in the following weeks seemed fairly typical for such a monument. They included the American flag, a bald eagle, the city’s crest, military branches’ emblems, etc.

In July, Mayor Pro Tem (i.e. vice mayor) Daryl Hickman suggested the monument be placed, not in the courtyard of City Hall, but near the entrance of Diamond Stadium, a city-owned minor league baseball stadium. The City Council agreed to the change and moved forward with a plan to build a redesigned monument… but the design that was eventually put forward in October featured a soldier kneeling in front of a Christian cross:

There were several objections from people who attended the October meeting, but Hickson saw no problem (PDF) with the proposal:

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Christian Evangelist Larry Tomczak Explains What Causes Homosexuality

Evangelist Larry Tomczak at Charisma wants you to know that if you’re a “practicing homosexual,” you’re going to hell, and he’s going to tell you why.

But first, a disclaimer:

I approach this subject not as an angry, mean-spirited extremist but rather in a spirit of humility, as a would-be friend of both supporters and opponents… I want to be part of the generation arising that is not so much imposing but proposing a better way that really does lead to peace, freedom and long-term happiness in human relationships.

I love that. Whenever Christians preface what they’re about to say with, “I’m not one of those mean Christians,” you know whatever comes next is gonna be truly vile. Already, in Part One of his Bigot Trilogy, he assumes that gays and lesbians are incapable of peace and long-term happiness… which may be true since they’re subject to the sort of Biblically-based prejudice people like Tomczak throw their way.

Let’s see what Mr. Totally-not-a-Christian-bigot has to say about homosexuality:

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When People Suffer, God Is Not Teaching Them a Lesson

So says the Atheist Pig:

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Every Analogy for the Trinity is a Heresy

The Trinity makes perfect sense. Unless you try to explain it, in which case you’re going to hell:

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Introducing the Child-Friendly Faith Project

I wanted to let you all know I recently accepted a position on the Board of Advisors for a really wonderful organization called The Child-Friendly Faith Project. The group was founded by Janet Heimlich, author of Breaking Their Will: Shedding Light on Religious Child Maltreatment.

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