Help Atheists Raise $1,000,000 to Fight Cancer

Last month, I mentioned an atheist-led effort to raise $1,000,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The Foundation Beyond Belief along with the philanthropic Stiefel family are eager to make this happen. The Light the Night walks — the banner events for the fundraising drive — take place this fall, and we want to get [Read More...]

Fort Bragg Official: We Support Rock Beyond Belief

Just over a year ago, Colonel Stephen J. Sicinski — Fort Bragg’s Garrison Commander — was delivering the news that Rock Beyond Belief, a celebration for atheists in the military, would be held at a smaller-than-expected venue, would not receive any funding (despite a similar Christian event getting $50,000), and would not endorse the event [Read More...]

Councillor Puts a Stop to Local Government Prayer in New Zealand

For 170 years now, the Wanganui District Council and its predecessors in New Zealand have been saying a prayer at meetings. Since 2004, the prayer went something like this: Eternal God, source of all wisdom; As we reflect upon all those good things that we enjoy in this city and district, help us to make [Read More...]

The Definition of False Dichotomy

Sign outside Open Bible Wesleyan Church in Cartersville, Georgia: True story: I was holding a fork as I opened that email. The church may be on to something… (Thanks to Brian for the link!) [Read more...]

Catholic School Board Handles Concerns of Homophobia by Calling it ‘Objectively Disordered’

Even when religious people try to do the right thing, their enemy is often their own faith. In Ontario, Canada, the government is instituting anti-bullying legislation in schools — including Catholic ones. The Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board answered this call by creating a “20-page equity blueprint… to help teachers tackle [Read More...]